PujyaShri Periyava Photos – Kanchi Kamakoti Seva Foundation Dallas

Thanks to KKSF Dallas team for starting a fine project on Sri Periyava’s photo collection. I am sure that this album will grow in time and will become a single place to download Sri Periyava photos for our needs.

Check it out!

Click here to download

Periyava Sharanam

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  1. similarly, if anyone has photos of Periyava with Mahaperiyava during early days, it would also be a treasure to watch

  2. Super collection

  3. Very first deepavali malar of Dinamalar of 1986 or 85, published rare photos of periyaval taken at Nepal during his yatra with his Guru.
    If somebody traced it and add ,it will be treasure R Natarajan

  4. Indeed, a treasure of photos of Sri Periyavaa. Saranam. Thank you Mr Mahesh for this beautiful dharshan.

  5. Very nice collection of pujashri periyava from His holiness young and present. All are fine to print. Excellant job.

  6. Wonderful collection

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