Important request for US Donors


To All USA devotees –  Going forward all contributions that when you all make donations to KGF either via PayPal/Zelle/physical check/Fidelity Charitable/US Bank Charitable etc, the memo field should be marked as “General”. Currently, i know you all mark as “Cow rescue or Anna Dhanam etc” in the memo field. These needs to be changed to “General” with immediate effect.

Why are we requesting this?

Certain organizations have approval to accept funds only for certain purposes in India. They are also equally careful in following RBI’s guidelines etc. We want to (1) transfer funds to organizations that are convenient for us to work with and according to their approvals obtained (2) If we accept funds int he category of General, it allows us to distribute to different organizations in India based on various factors.

How do we track funds for the purpose you send?

Drop an email to with the amount you donated and the intended purpose for Sai and team track them properly.

For any questions regarding this, please email me & Sai at

Periyava Sharanam

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