Madhva utsAha?

Beautiful short interview – Thanks to “Pidi Arisi” Sri Sriram Raju for this interview with Brahmasri.Raghavendra Achar (Uppili Achar) prathama sishya of Brahmasri.Parasuramachar at Nanmangalam. Only one word came to my mind when I watched this interview – “Guru bakthi”. When one’s mind is filled with guru bakthi, words normally dont come out when talking about guru – only tears come. I see that he is choking. What a simple background he had – even his upanayanam and brahmopadesam was done by his guru and not his parents.

He narrates a beautiful incident from Mahaperiyava where Periyava asks the wellbeing of all with great karunyam. As he rightly says even in madvas, Mahaperiyava is the single reason for all vaideekas’ subeeksham in today’s world. As a true devotee of Mahaperiyava, he has given both his boys to veda matha!!

Our namaskaram to this great vaideeka!

Periyava Sharanam


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  1. Great

  2. His house/padasala address pl.,

  3. great to see this video. Periyava anughraham

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