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  1. I don’t know what is wrong with you all….There is no connected people preference. This is for all due to COVID!!! Why are you having all wicked-thoughts?

    • Exactly! Jagadguru Shankaracharya Periyava has never and will never differentiate. His divine glances are more than enough, but people should understand that! One doesn’t need to even utter a word or go near him or very very near him!

      Because 80 percent of the visitors refuse to wear masks, not bothered a bit about Periyava’s health want to keep having darshan and go “near” Periyava citing some reason or the other! They may either be all those VVVVVIPs or otherwise! First let them wear a mask PROPERLY covering mouth and nose, not just wear it for fancy; and then think of Darshan! Because of these selfish people who refrain wearing masks, others who comply with rules have to face such tough situations of no darshan! No one seems to be bothered about Periyava’s health, for them THEIR health is MORE or MOST important! Learn to Wear Masks and then enter Shri Matam. For us, Periyava’s (who is the actual one and only VVVVVVIP in this world) Health is the MOST important than any self proclaimed VVVIPs.

  2. One of the reasons i have fondness for Kanchi Matam is due accessibility for non politically connected and regular people to have His Darshan and delight ourselves in being in presence of His Holiness .

    Now it would make very sad if here it may be the case where we will see only connected people can see Him .
    I hope things get better to normalcy

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