Vadavambalam – 58th acharya adishtanam – a short video

Thanks to Sri Sarma Sastrigal for the share….Beautiful video with good description in the background….

I went to vadavambalam long back and now this place has been nicely renovated – thanks to Sri Atirudram Ravi. Wherever he conducts atirudram, he also renovates the place where it is held. This is one of those places.

Periyava Sharanam


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  1. Been blesd to hav haf innyletable Darsanams of Vadavambalam Brindavanam. I believe Sri Ati Rudram Ravi is no more…pasd not so long ago….i had occasion to interact n participate in the Vadavambalam Aradhnai. ..conducted by him and one another.The Family conducting Dly Acharams there are very well known to me.

    Tiru Chitrambalam

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