How Mahaperiyava blessed Lemont Temple, Chicago

(Aerial View of Lemont Temple)

Thanks to Smt Meena Mohan for sharing this audio. She shared this because I live in Chicago and found this relevant to me.  This came in Sankarapuram group. Thanks to Smt Meenakshi and Subramnanian for taking these photos when they were at the temple.

Sincere thanks to Sri Sankaranarayanan mama for sharing his wonderful experience with Mahaperiyava back in 1978-79 when there was no temple or anything in US. Mama and his team went back to Kanchipuram in 84s. Beautiful experience and an important message to lot of us. Listen to this! Only with Mahaperiyava’s anugraham Lemont temple is doing just great. He talks about his experience and also about Sankarapuram project. Take the key message.

Periyava Sharanam!

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  1. loga pitha,nutranndu kanda maha deepam,en suvasam,en kula theivam mahaperiyava padhuga adimai nan.

  2. Thank you for posting Mama’s message. It is wonderful to hear about Maha Periyava’s Grace & Blessing for the Lemont temple .
    When i visited the temple for the first time , the first thing that struck me & my parents was that Brick blessed by MahaPeriyava . It gave me goosebumps , that we are visiting this temple in US that was blessed by MahaPeriyava . We felt closer to home ! It was a pleasure to know about the connection now & also a pleasure to see the prominence given to the Brick just below The Vinayakar idol !
    Jaya Jaya Shankara 🙏

  3. very very nice
    hará hara sankara


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