Excellent work by a German Devotee on Indian Mythology Dictionary etc

Thanks to Dr Jambunathan for sharing this with me. She got guidance from Dr Ranganathan, Cardiologist, Toronto. What is important to note here is the blessings for this lady to take up this job. Not everyone is inclined to do these kind of work – only the selected ones do it. She is truly a selected one!

We pray Lord Narayana to bless her with all health, wealth etc.

Aum Namo Narayana!

Vanakkam Mr. Ranganathan

May be you remember me … you gave me permission to translate the alwar’s works from your website.
Meanwhile complete Nalayira Divya Prabandham is available in German language

Now I translated my German dictionary on mythology into English, it is not only a dictionary but leads to the story/work.


azhwar.org is linked here


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  1. Today I spent reading about the terms ‘Itihasas/Puranas’ and ‘Mythology’ and understood that I got into a fundamental dispute.

    Differentiating between the two is difficult for extremists, on the Right and the Left. Both Left and Right Wing extremists insist myth is fantasy and value only history. What they differ is on what constitutes history. For the Right, Ram and Krishna is history; for the Left, they are not.

    I add two more links for my exoneration.


  2. Though I am a regular user of this site, I never commented on any thing. But this one made me to say some thing. “Be blessed You have added fuel to a fire ”

    Generally the normal Indians, particularly some sect of people in Tamilnadu, thinks that a foreign brain is better than a local one and take their word verbatim (in exactly the same words as were used originally.) and use that to support their arguments in favour of atheist (a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods.)
    There are already enough controversies on Internet uploaded by some vested interests. You have added one more. Now in the days to come we can see “That a German Scholar (that is how you get a title to support their argument) has said that Ramayana is a myth. This is what we have been quoting till date. Now our theory is acknowledged even by Germans”
    One sample is enough that you got wrong information when you said ” Since the Indian bloggers, from whom alone my knowledge derives, too use ‘mythology’ when they tell stories from the Itihasas, I decided on this term, which is understandable in the West.”
    This is how our literature,Itihasa (Sanskrit: इतिहास; iti ha āsa, literally “so indeed it was”) like the Mahabharata, the Ramayana.and Puranas are injected into the brains of our youngsters. Now I do not know as to how much more damages you have committed to Hinduism in your work..

    Be blessed. You have ignited a fire

  3. Thank you all – I am delighted to find my website on this honorable website. I am a 66 years old retired lady, worked with IBM for 32 years. In 2005 I took an early retirement offering and started my journey through Indian lore without worldly interruption.

    In 2004 I converted to Hinduism in a Tamil temple and got the name Abhirami, this means, I ‚grew up‘ in a Sri Lankan Tamil community in Germany. When I entered their temple the first time in 2002 I felt the ‚coming home‘.

    In India I was 21 times. Varanasi is my favourite city, my favourite areas are the Himalayas and Tamil Nadu.
    All the best to you!

  4. very very nice .Really need to be blessed .
    Please watch my Subramaniya bhujangam explanations in tamil

  5. It’s very important to understand the meaning of the word Mythology and Myth means something which is fictitious And Not true
    Even if you are using it we need to change the mythology word to Real story
    Ramayana is not a myth
    Mahabharatha is not a myth
    Both are real stories we have evidence
    Westerns wants to project to the world events in Hinduism are all myths not true
    It’s also like calling ganesh idol instead of Ganesh Murthi
    Sri Periyava repeatedly says in his discourses how
    Sanskrit Tamil words have no direct meaningful words in English as they cannot be translated
    Respectfully requesting you Not to use the word
    Mythology instead use Real story
    Hope you don’t mind

    • You are absolutely right Sir and you are the second who points this out to me. The languages in the West cannot come close to India’s exalted heritage. I needed a short, concise title for the URL, which I cannot change anymore, but I am open for suggestions for a better title on the start page.

      And let me also mention that my websites, which I created with passion and love for India, are intended to appeal to laypersons, if I use too many foreign terms, they turn away. We don’t have a term for Itihasa, we need hundred pages and lots of footnotes to describe what Dharma is, what Brahman is.

      Since the Indian bloggers, from whom alone my knowledge derives, too use ‘mythology’ when they tell stories from the Itihasas, I decided on this term, which is understandable in the West. Have pity with the spiritually poor Westerners, not everyone has enough punya to be born in the land of the Veda.

      • Christa
        What you mentioned here is Not true
        Web site title can be changed by taking a new title and it does not cost much.A mistake has happened in the title does not mean it should be continued.
        For over 65 years the west is confusing the world intentionally using the word myth
        Means not true.You claim you are a specialist on myths in india and wants to redefine them.All this means you are continuing the confusion of the west

        Ithihasa means history or evidence of true events which happened in then Bharath Hindusthan like Ramayana etc here again
        What you think is Ithihasa contradicts
        Your idea of Myth

        Taking information from Indian blogs
        And blaming them that they used the word so you are using the word myth is not right
        On your part

        You mentioned it takes 100s of pages to describe Dharma Brahman is Not right
        They can be described in one line but to do that you should know to read write in Sanskrit which you don’t

        Christa Scheler
        Blammerbergstraße 115
        71263 Weil der Stadt
        This is your name in germany and your claim you got converted into Hinduism
        Changed name to Abhirami is not true
        You have used Abhirami as a Pen name
        To write the pages with information taken from other Indian sites

        West is trying to claim Sanskrit as language which originated in Europe and not india just like they are copying ideas from Hinduism rebranding them with changed name and sell it back to india
        By so called experts in Sanskrit from west

        A request to readers here please read authenticated work from Vivekananda and Ramakrishna swamijis and Dhaivathin Kural and others works of Sri Periyava for right information on Hinduism and Not from persons who are writing coping ideas work from Indian blogs /writers

        Ask your self how can any one know the meaning of ancient Vedic scripts written in Sanskrit,Tamil,Awadhi,Hindusthani and other languages without knowing to read write those languages ? Example
        One can’t write on Kambhan Ramayana without knowing Tamil

        This blog of Sri Periyava is like a Sath Sangh ( Sath meaning Truth Sangh meaning group of disciples ) who joined to discuss topics of common belief system
        The person who started this blog is blessed to bring people together

        Let’s not have westerners here who claim they are experts in our language and topics with their pen Indian names to mislead people

        If you changed your name to Christa Abhirami how come you did not change your name in germany officially ?

        Sri Periyava told many times we do not have a system to convert people of other religions because we Hindus do not believe in converting others.He told the foreigners to do the following

        Iam a Hindu -3 times and one can live like a Hindu but this does not mean you become experts on Hinduism it’s Ithihasa
        Puranas without learning or living like a Hindu and lecture Hindus

        Like all human beings you too can write on any topic but ensure you do not confuse people with your myths because
        If you do you need to answer to Karma

        I request this blog moderator to remove the post as it confuses people

        The best dictionary Sanskrit to English was released 5 yrs by Sri Ramakrishna mutt in 3 huge volumes

        Prana Kishore
        Iam battling with western writers who’s full time job is to confuse Hindus.
        Iam a proud Hindu who knows to read write Sanskrit Awadhi Hindusthani and many Indian languages including worlds oldest Language Tamil


      • There is no need to mis-translate untranslatables into an alien language. Retain the core words such as ‘ Ithihaasa, Puraana, Vedha, Moorthy, Shakthi, Dharma, Varna, Jaathi, Deva,’ and innumerable others, in their original forms and pronunciations. Those who are interested will make the effort to understand them in their actual meaning, which will not be difficult for an averagely intelligent and sympathetic mind.

        With due appreciation of your sincere efforts, a little effort to right these errors will surely make your work more acceptable.

      • Prana Kishore

        Yes, a website title can be changed, but the dictionary is already linked on other websites and these links would break. I do not see where I claimed to be specialist.

        I asked every Indian blog/website owner for permission to translate his into English translated works into German.

        Abhirami is not a Pen name, the name is added in my passport. Name change is not allowed in Germany, that’s why it is only added. I do not use the name for precisely that reason, not to give the impression that I am a born Hindu and thus an expert. Only after I have contact with people I mention the name to show my love to India.

        I know that one cannot convert to Sanatana Dharma. When I joined the Tamil community I came in contact with Sivaya Subramuniyaswami’s teachings – in one of his books there was a chapter ‚How to become a Hindu‘. I showed this to the priest of the temple and all was arranged by the Tamil community so that I became Abhirami in a 6 hours puja, conducted by 3 Tamil priests. I am fully aware that I am not a ‚real‘ Hindu, but I am Abhirami.

        I take responsibility for my Karma with joy.

        My website is not only a dictionary, the descriptions are short, they lead to all the English websites where born Hindus write about their heritage. That was the idea behind to lead to the experts and read the original translations.

        I did not want to confuse Hindus. Actually the dictionary was ment for people not familiar but interested in Indian heritage. There are very view in this wide world who know Indian languages.

        Please do not blame me for all the West does. Please do not throw all Westerners in one pot. I also do not agree with all the West does.

  6. Blessed person

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