Udayarpalayam boat

I am sure every Mahaperiyava devotee would have seen this photo taken back in 1926 in Udayarpalayam. This boat still exists and well restored and put a nice kavacham as a respect to Mahaswami! Very nice to see this.

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  1. Mahaperiyava charanam 🙏🏻 Thanks for sharing !!

  2. Mahesh,Namaskarams.Where is this placed?

    • The palace and the Payarneeshwarar temple are the major attractions of the town. Payarneeshwarar temple is one of the oldest Shiva temples in the state, dating back to 1400 years, quite older than Thanjavur Prahadeeshwarar temple.[3]

  3. Mahaperiyava Saranam. very nice and very happy and blessed to see this boat used by periyawa. all such things should be preserved in a museum / auditorium structure for all our generations to come and seek the blessings. Chitra Raveendiran. Kanchipuram / Bangalore. Email: kanchiface26@gmail.com (9482734936)

  4. Very much blessed to have darshan of this treasure !!
    Feel.like having darshan of Maha periyava Himself ,! Thanks Mahesh for sharing.

  5. Something to treasure! 🙏🕉️🌺

  6. Mahaperiyava Saranam.

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