Deivathin Kural English Weekly Satsang through Zoom

Thanks to Dr Shyam Panchapakesan, a post doctoral student, who is working closely Dharmamoolam and doing great service to Periyava. Shyam apparently has started an audio satsang weekly on few topics in English so that it benefits all devotees. Here are the details. It is free to join (obviously) – pl take advantage of these sessions. Pl watch for his postings in the future also.

Program Outline
This program aims to introduce select topics from Deivathin Kural through weekly Zoom sessions in English. Topics covered for the first season are 1. Introduction to Sanathana Dharmam and Vaidhika Dharmam, 2. Dharma and Society, 3. Dharma and Family, 4. Acharam and Aharam, 5. Guru Tattvam and 6. Sri Shankara Charitram.

Session Details
This is approximately a 12 Week long program starting from 31st January 2021. Total number of sessions will vary based on how much of a given topic is covered in every session. Each session is 1 hour long with ~45 mins of lecture in English and 15 mins of question-answer sessions.

Who can attend?
Anyone curious to know about Sanathana Dharma and wants to know the teachings of Mahaperiyava with motivation to follow the teachings can attend. Especially parents who want to introduce Sanathana Dharma to kids by leading the prescribed way of life would benefit a lot. We intend to make these sessions in such a way that Parents who attend the session can then teach them to their kids in their own pace.

Sundays, 10:30 AM EST, through zoom.

For more info please visit,

Past Deivathin Kural videos:
4 sessions have passed till now. This playlist has all the four sessions. In the description box of each video, the topics from deivathin kural discussed as given along with a link to the Kanchi mutt website.

Periyava Stotras:
This playlist has Stotras on Maha Periyava along with the text, including Ashtottrams of Mahaperiyava and Adi shankaracharya.

This playlist has vivekachudmani classes, in english so far. Has about 30 videos.

Devi Mahatmyam:
This playlist has Devi Mahatmyam explanations in tamil, so far. Has about 12 videos.

Both vivekachudamani and Devi Mahatmyam will be uploaded weekly.

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  1. My kids go to Dharmamulam and my wife goes to Deivathin Kural class. Very nice thing done these organizers

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