Korukkai Govt. Farm Cow Sales Auction Suspended!

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – I’m very happy to let you all know that the Korukkai govt. farm cow sales auction has been suspended. I’m not sure of the exact reason for suspension; if it is due to the writ that was filed in Madras HC few days ago or the avalanche of e-mails that went to the powers that be. Nevertheless, in the matter of two months we managed to stop two auctions (Chettinad in early Nov’ 20 and now Korukkai). Please see the newspaper clipping below. It is all Periyava’s Anugraham and your support that made this happen.

PS – We have received contributions for the Korukkai auction. I’m thinking of using these funds to rescue the cows from going for slaughter near my home/various other places and the Melmalayanur cattle market to Kerala. If any of the you have any apprehensions please write to donations@kgpfoundation.org and I will happy to oblige since it is your money.

Sri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam. Rama Rama

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  1. Thank God. Let us hope and pray that you succeed in your efforts.

  2. If I may, my 2 cents –

    So long there is demand for animal derived products, cruelty, exploitation and subjugation are inevitable and is the reality – goes for all animals, from milk, fur, honey to wool and so on.

    Unlike the days of agraharams and what Periyava referring in D’kural on milk and cows, the cows of today are just milk-making machines and once they go dry, farmers draw the last penny out by selling them for slaughter.

    Having been part of animal-rights movements, in non-violent ways, since the 1980s, had an insight into behind the scenes and that made me become vegan over 25 years ago. Yes, can understand what a nightmare it is to do away with, particularly dairy products, here in India. My own family members continue to shut their eyes and living in their comfort-zone – how to give up curd-rice and ghee !

    Have contributed here and continue to do my mite for gho-shalas. BTW, did send the emails too as requested here.

    I was surprised to find this article in the HINDU that factually spills the bean on the dairy industry. One would hardly find such an article in the mainstream media in the US or Europe due to strong dairy lobby.

    Unless the world go vegan or we start honouring Gomatha in our own backyard as in olden times, I don’t see an end to this unfortunate chase – admit, wishful thinking. But the least ‘conscious people’ can do is to do their own research and make the changes.


  3. Thank God.

  4. Dear Sai,

    Thanks for your message. As you will agree, this is only a first step. The auction may take place after a few weeks/months. Till such time, whether the cattle development department will maintain/feed the cattle, willingly ? I request you, on behalf of all our well-wishers, to take the next step; namely, purchase the cattle (of both Chettinad and Korukkai) for some nominal price and shift the cattle to Goshalas.

    Thanks for all your efforts. Maha Periavah Saranam !

    95660 79862

    • Sir,

      The crux of the issue is the govt. farm won’t give the cows without auction to us. Even though, the farm would be willing to give us, the locals will create a huge ruckus that they won’t allow Gosalas to take the cows. That is what we tried to do last time in both Chettinad and Korukkai which resulted in violence. If you can do anything in that regard we are more than happy to buy the cows directly from the farm. Rama Rama

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