Translation of Mahaperiyava Stotras by Sri P.R. Ramachander

(Thanks to Sudhan for sharing this rare picture)

Sri P.R.Ramachander is a name that we can’t miss in the spiritual world and online. He is known for writing translations for thousands of stotras (1600 to be precise), 2000 Carnatic krithis, Kamba Ramayana etc. Pl read the link below to know all his contribution so far – mind boggling! Without bagawad kripai, this would not have been possible.

I have read many of them. I got this email from him few days back and exchanged few emails with him on some ideas of ebook etc. Finally we both decided to create one post dedicated for all this in the blog. His translation helps so many devotees who are not familiar with Tamil or Sanskrit.

Thank to thatha for your finest collection on Mahaperiyava. Our namaskaram to you. We all pray Mahaperiyava to bless you with good health and peace for a long long time.

Click on each link below for stotras and translations


DEar Mahesh,

  I am Raja thatha who is 81. I have translated so far  35  stotras   addressed to Periyava

I am getting old  and I want  this collection to reach maximum of Maha  Periyava devotees. One way is to make a e-book of all  these stotras.I do not know how to do it. Can you find some one who can help me?

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  1. Good morning sir. Very nice to know about you and your translation of Maha periyava. I am blessed to get these in English. May Kanchi Kamakshi gives you health and happiness. 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Shri Ramachandar Sir, this is a great Scholar for doing the meaning on Mahaperiyava works. I also came to know Guru as about 4 years. Since then he has caught my attention . Now you have filled the space that was there.
    Thank you Shri Ramachandar Sir may you and your family enjoy the best of health and happiness
    Mikka Nanrri
    Annamalay Sanasi

  3. Namaskaram 🙏🏻 To all really blessed to see and read all the slokams. Thank you again🙏🏻

  4. Thank you Mr Mahesh for posting this. Indeed, Shri Ramachandar ji is a great Scholar and has translated many many Stotras, lyrics and scriptures for the benefit of devotees. I too am a beneficiary. He contacted us and got my composition on Ambal Neelayadakshi of Nagapattinam in the form of a Suprabhatam and translated it; it is available in his site I am sure all Mahaperiyavaa devotees will be blessed to go through his translations to understand the meaning of valuable Kritis, Slokas etc. Thank you Raja Thatha.

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