Thank you for all KGF donors!

As we wrapped up 2020, on behalf of Kanchi Guruparampara Foundation, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for providing a phenomenal support to us in making 2020 a very big year to carry out our organization’s primary objectives and meeting new milestones.

We are grateful to all of you to have continued trust in our service to Kanchi Acharyas and Veda Mata and helping us to continue our mission. As you may be aware, with all your help, we were able to rescue 1008+ cows from slaughterhouses. This is not an easy feat. Same applies to so many folks we supported for  COVID related support for needy. We will continue to work hard in earning your trust and together we can make a difference in so many lives and projects that are close to our Kanchi Acharyas.

Our job is to serve and not seek anything in return – including any fame etc. Without His blessings, we can’t even lift our fingers. We are fully aware of this and want to remain humble.  We are also aware that there are so many unknown philanthropists, who have been silently doing much more than what we do here. We put all our success at the holy feet of Kanchi Acharyas and seek their continued blessings in the years to come.

Important note – US donors only: We just emailed receipts for all your 2020 donations. You should have it in your inbox – also please check the junk folders as those emails might accidentally land up there. Also there are about 60+ donors for whom we do not have email addresses. If you have donated (non-PayPal) and have not received the receipt, pl contact us at

For all PayPal donors – all of your contributions are anyway made to PayPal Giving Foundation, which itself is a non-profit organization. So please take a print out from PayPal itself or your contribution. Since they are the primary recipient of your donation (they accept all donations and then disburse to us) KGF cannot give you statement directly. Same applies to those who directed your donations via Fidelity Charitable, eBay, US Bank Foundation etc….If you are not clear on this point, please write to us at

We look forward to having your continued support in 2021 also.

KGF Trustees

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  1. Great achievement. We will always support your efforts with whatever we can contribute. Our heart-felt thanks to your family members who support you and bear with your long separation from family, on account of your service.
    L..Srinivasan 95660 79862

  2. Namaskarams, It’s really great to read on cow saving… Just wondering if the saved cows whichever ingood condition if they can be donated to temples? Or donationsbe channeled for temple lamp lighting purpose as many temples are in need…
    It’s only a kind suggestion to your amazing commitments.

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