Sincere request to all devotees who go to Sri Matam

I saw the aradhana video yesterday and other small clips that come in FB etc on a daily basis. I couldn’t tell if these videos were taken pre-covid days or in Covid days. Not a single person is wearing masks and standing so closely to Sri Periyava. Until He was in Thenambakkam all devotees were maintaining g social distancia g and wearing masks etc. I am told by many of my friends that India has stopped caring about Covid long back and they “assumed” normalcy without any medical basis. It is quite shocking to see this. We are far from normalcy. This virus is not like normal flu. Daily 4000 people die here in US – dont know statistics from India. Folks – pl take this seriously.

If not for your family, at least for the sake of our Periyava’s health and safety, we as devotees have a greater responsibility to act responsibly. On behalf of several other devotees who think like me, I request / beg each and every one of you who goes to Sri Matam for Periyava darshan to wear a mask and wear it without taking them out or pulling it down the chin until you exit the matam. If we all wear a mask there is no need for Sri Periyava to wear one. This is pure common sense and I wish Sri Matam mandates this strictly. Pl share this with your friends/families who go to Sri Matam.

So, let us all act very responsibly in this matter.



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  1. Since its compulsory to wear mask before entering mutt, at least 90% must be wearing them; but mostly those inside the mutt take it lightly by not wearing it! What can visitors do about it? Can the common public question the staff or those with Periyava who don’t wear it? Can you make a horse drink the water? We can politely request them to wear, but nothing can be done with those who don’t (want to) wear the masks!

  2. This site can be used for knowing the India’s statistics about COVID –

    • actually, covid itself is a fake and a big scam.. WHO itself is one for that matter!
      many go from flu every year in US esply.. can they give us the flu related statistics of 2020?
      big pharma mafia.. corporate hospitals’ sinister game! NEVER get vaccinated!
      all of us know how much of money is grabbed even for a simple tooth cleaning in US!
      china may be the source of china virus. but that doesn’t mean that’s the only combination a virus can get created from the junk they have! We know how many barbarians in US or other countries including India too include what all combinations of crap in their diet! How do you know that the viruses or bacteria from those are silently not affecting you?

  3. A timely warning from Sri Mahesh. The devotees should show their devotion to the Achaaryaa and the Institution by keeping away from the Matt, till we are rid of the pandemic. A sincere mental prayer to the Aachaaryaa-s is as good and efficacious as a visit to the Matt, in the present circumstances. Remember the story of Poosalar Naayanaar in the Peria Puranam , whose mentally constructed temple was more valued by the Lord than a real structure constructed by the King.

  4. Very well said and all the facts accurately laid out by Mahesh, it is the basic responsibility of each person to wear a mask in this pandemic times as it protects not only the person using it but prevents the spread to his/her family, friends, and the society that he/she interacts with. Also, in utmost sincere regards to Sri Periyava and Sri Matam, each devotee should do this simple thing as wearing a mask. Periyava’s grace is always present in the whole universe and beyond but we as his sincere devotees have to do our part. As Sri Periyava says ” Manushya prayathnamum Ishwariya praarthanayum ” Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

  5. None of the devotee wear the mask in order to protect others , they have to wear the same exclusively to protect themselves and not doing any obligation to others. If they are not able to inculcate discipline in public places, it is better to confine themselves at their Home.

    • Precisely. You said it!

      • We know about our people. But one thing please don’t compare our Bharat with US and other Western countries. It’s now proven that the food habits and our faith on Spirituality has certainly curtailed the onslaught of this virus. The way the pandemic was projected both in print and TV certainly created panic situation I’m the minds. Now no projection in media. People at ease !

  6. Aachaarya Peetam is like Agni. We must always maintain a respectable distance. We, with our secular way of life and the un-aachaaram going with it, we are the most polluted. As such, we must be all the more careful and conscious while interacting with the Peetam.

  7. To be honest mahesh since we follow karma theory seriously ” what’s to happen will happen”! A day will come when people will be mocking at those who are wearing mask and social distancing. Well it’s more than a year that i have stirred from house may be even room! My grand sons betrothal is nearing and I can’t force 60 or seventy people to wear mask and come here from the hall to see the newborn great grand daughter! Mostly the reply is periava kaapathuva! And I believe it.

    • Dear Sir,

      While everyone believes Periyava Kaapathuvaa and even by your take on Karma Theory – folks are getting saved – we should also spend a moment to spare a thought about the thousands of people who have given up their life for this pandemic’s cause as frontline battle workers, doctors, other emergency workers etc. While there is no doubt that loss of live in such positions during such exigencies is given an extolled place in our tradition and ultimately God will take care of the souls – we must reflect on the pain it inflicts on the remaining people of the physical family they have been part of.

      Periyavaa and Perumaal have to take care of them too ! So I agree with Mahesh in exercising at most caution in events of mass gathering.

      Kind Regards

  8. True anna… anga porappa ellam nanum parkaren yarum mask potukara madhiri illa. Nanum parkarava kitta ellam sollittu varen…😞🙏🏻

  9. dear Mahesh,
    I have extracted the last para of your message and posted in the Periavv thunai Whatsapp for better reach.
    Thanks. that is a valid point raised by you.

  10. In total agreement with you Mr Mahesh. You rightly chose to bell the cat, due to Mahaperiyavaa Anugraham. . Thanks.

  11. Thanks Mahesh for speaking out!

  12. Yes Sri Mahesh
    You are perfectly right.
    I didn’t go yesterday because of the crowd and indicipline by devotees.
    I heard that everyday crowd is visiting Sri Mutt.
    We have to wait for some more time to get normalcy in TN.
    Thanks to the Govt initiative there is a drastic reduction in Covid 19 in TN.
    But in the interest of Sri Periyava we have to wait till we get vaccination.
    Ram RAM

  13. Absolutely!! If not for our safety we need to adhere this precaution for the sake Sri Periyava..
    Thanks for speaking it out.

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