Agnihotri Sammelena – Jan 11-13, Karnataka

On behalf of Brahmasri Sanathkumara  Sarma  Somayaji, I have a great pleasure in sharing the invitation of the sammelena that is being conducted in Karnataka from Jan 11-13. Agnihotris are considered as the highest order in the vaideeeka tradition. They were considered much higher than a king in those days. We heard from several incidents in Mahaperiyava experiences where He honored agnihotris really like a king. I remember Late Brahmasri Parasuramachar of Sirgumani Patasala mentioning how Mahaperiyava asked his father to wait in the city entrance and sent an elephant and made him sit on it and enter the city with proper respect etc.

Being a nityagnihotri is more difficult than being a sanyasi (as I heard). The niyamams are either as strict or even higher in the former case. I met Dr Sananthakumar Somayaji around this same time last year in an event in Chennai and he was talking about how he wants to setup some plan in place for good to assist agnihotris etc – very forward looking conversation. Supporting agnihotris is a great blessing for our generations to come. Please contact him at the number below and see how you can participate in this sammelena directly or indirectly and also for future activities.

Periyava Sharanam!

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  1. We are really fortunate that these divine agnihotris are with us, simple mortals. It will be great if we get their proceedings broadcast visually too.We are keen to watch this wonderful event.

  2. Sringeri Acharyas are mentioned in the invite!! And Not Kanchi?! Well..

  3. Namaskaram..will you pl.let me know the contact details of Sri.Dr.Santhakumar’s telephone no,

    • Mr. Venugopal Krishnamurthi here is his bank details
      Thank you
      Dr.. M S Sanath kumara.Mathur. Shivamogga Tq.&Dist. Karnataka.Pin577203…ph.:9449136478.a/c details s/b….no…520101071446822……IFSC=,CORP0000218

  4. @Saraswathi Thyagarajan ji , Namo Namaha! Can you please help with any Nithya Agnihotrik contact no in Hyderabad

    • Dr. M S Sanath kumara.Mathur. Shivamogga Tq.&Dist. Karnataka.Pin577203…ph.:9449136478.a/c details s/b….no…520101071446822……IFSC=,CORP0000218

  5. Coming from an Agnihotri family I know how difficult to follow strict rules & regulations they follow in their day today life ! Each day is a thapas indeed !
    The place agnihotram is performed evil Shakti can’t enter in !
    In our home in 1960s I remember an incident regarding this !
    Our own relative was affected by evil spirits our chittappa asked that guy tosleep in side Agnihotra shala for 3 days nights.. He also did . Every night evil spirit used to visit outside of Agnihotra shala as it couldn’t enter in. There will be total mess with all the wanted waste things around the area.
    At the end of three days it flew away from scene & he got cured of his ailment caused by evil spirits that is the power of agnihotram!!

    Dr. Sanathkumara is not only an agnihotri’ but a great Devi upasaka too !!
    Doing Devi saptha sathi parayanam umpteen no of times !!

    A humble person with all values in liffe !
    He is very close to me during my Kashi visit 2 times.
    Pl be a part of this satkainkaryam as we can’t do these sat kartam in our life .
    Periyava sharanam.!

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