Some takeaways from recent Periyava’s anugrahabashanam to NRIs

On Jan 2nd Sri Periyava gave a long 2-hour+ speech addressing to all NRIs as part of NJ Manimandapam progress updates they gave to Periyava. Periyava giving long speech is not unusual but to NRIs – I think this was the first, if I am not mistaken. I obviously did not take any notes but chewing on many of what He said over the next few days and thought I should at least capture some of the key highlights/takeaways – not necessarily in the same order He spoke…I am sure many more devotees listened to the speech – pl feel free to correct if I have misstated anything.

  • Mostly talked about the glory of Santana dharma. Why we should feel proud about it and be responsible also.
  • He talked about 100 years of tireless work by both Periyavas within our lifetime.
  • In loukeeka world, we have all progressed so well, which makes acharya happy but our janma has a different goal and objective. 
  • Building temple in foreign country is not new and the most easiest thing – even 1000 years back it has been done – good example Ankorwat. However the passion, shraddha and bakthi is seen in NJ Mani Mandapam effort.
  • Mahaperiyava did not want anything for Him – all He wanted is for Adi Acharya.
  • Matam normally discourages building new temple as we need more effort to manage existing temples in India. We need support in doing Nithya puja in all temples in South India as opposed to building new temples. New temples are being considered by Sri Matam to be built in the borders of India – Punjab, Arunachala Pradesh etc.
  • Real temple for acharya is made of Sruthi, Smruthi, Puranam – Alayam! This mandapam should serve as the place to unify people – particularly South Indians – and promote a unified way of looking and liking each other. These structures should result in increased satsangam of them and unite them together.
  • He remembered how well children from USA actively participated in Sahasradhala padmam event last year and chanted various stotras etc.
  • What is important is that we need to be sincere and truthful to Mahaperiyava.
  • NRIs today are doing very good work today in veda/gho samrakshana. However, more support is needed now – more in the education field – for instance sampradaya.   
  • Do what our adi acharya had said about doing panchayathana puja etc
  • Gnana margam without taking care of the basics (puja, anushtanam etc) will not result in any progress

Like I said, I was able to remember only few things (thanks to my retaining power!). What is important is to follow what He says – let us take a resolution to support more projects in India,

  • help temples to do Nithya puja (I personally work with folks and trying to increase the number of temples that we support)
  • continue / expand our support to vedapatasalas
  • do gho Rakshanam (SAi does lot of work on this front),
  • support educational projects, health-related projects (like Sankara Health Foundation, Sankar Nethralaya )

Congratulations to NJ Manimandapam team for nearing completion!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  2. Thanks Mahesh. I have advised my NRI children to follow Periavah’s words in letter and spirit. My grandson is learning many slokas through an Indian Guru in USa and prays to God daily. My son chants Sri Rudram and Sukthams daily.


  3. Without meaning to create a controversy I’d like to point out that the term Periyava and later Maha Periyavaa came to be used when there were two Acharyaas and later three in Kanchi Matham and all devotees recognize only THE Maha Periyavaa. Now that there’s only one Acharyaa in the Matham is it not proper to refer to Him as Acharyaa.

    • I am not following you sir.

      • Is there’s a need to refer to the present Acharyaa as Periyavaa since there’s no other Acharyaa unlike earlier days.

      • it is a practice (not a rule) that we address all Kanchi Acharyas as Periyavas regardless of whether their gurus are alive or not. Hope I understood your question properly. Acharya and Periyava are interchangeable words. My father always addresses all Periyavas as acharya swami only. Only now after my influence he sometime uses the word Periyava! To me it is a personal preference.

      • If I remember, Periava said that Maha Periava on foot visited even those places where even bullock carts can’t go. Periava has now initiated a group to visit again those small villages where Maha Periava set his foot. Regarding Sampradaya education, especially for young girls, Periava mentioned that Sampradaya patasalas have been established.

  4. I know He is a Sanyasi but I felt he was almost sad that MahaPeriyava and PudhuPeriyava worked tirelessly for us to follow dharma but we are still not doing enough in our personal life to do that.

  5. Thanks for the notes. Just adding one more point which I feel is important. He requested all South Indians to unite and work towards common goal he had provided.


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