Gho Mathas – Some feel good video clips

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara to Shri Rajeev and Smt. Usha for sharing some of the feel good video clips below on Gho Mathas. Rama Rama

  1. Small calf sleeping in Aathur Veda Patasala in Veda Patasala Vidyarthis lap.
  2. Gho Matha nodding her head and listening to Veda Chanting
  3. Calf listening to Veda Chanting
  4. Calf saying Rama
  5. Gho Matha pacifying an angry girl
  6. A footage from a very old Marathi movie (1938) ‘Gopala Krishna’. See a beautiful song from 1.4 min to 3.5 min.
  7. Art of Living center’s Goshala at Bangalore (Shirali ashram gaushala) – This beautiful incident was recorded when the volunteers had gone to do Seva (cleaning of gobar).

Watch the Gho Matha song from 1.4min to 3.5min.

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  1. By far the best post in your blog for a long long time. I can’t thank you enough Sai!

  2. What a wonderful share Sai !! Really unbelievable !! She tries to chant Rama nama is the high light !
    Pl do continue ur service Sai , Periyava kataksham paripoornam !!

  3. sir unbelievable ! Thank you.

    95660 79862

  4. Amazing…Thank you Maheshji

  5. Thank you, Sai. I will treasure these videos.

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