2021 Guru Nakshatra Calendar for guru puja

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!!

As we step into 2021, we should do a bit of introspection of our spiritual journey and increase the devotion of our Kanchi guru parampara and qualify ourselves to receive blessings to make progress. Just by calling ourselves as devotees, we do not qualify for anything. We need to earn the word “Devotee”. How? Simply falling at their holy feet and surrendering our ego to them. The practical way to constantly do that is to do our guru pujas.

Those who come from a qualified guru mandala in Devi upasana would know the significance of guru padhuka. Every upasaka has a guru padhuka on their siras – that guru padhuka would have his guru, parama guru and parameshti guru’s padhukas and that indirectly means that all the padhukas leading all the way to Dakshinamurthy is on their siras. Having said that, doing puja for Sri Bala Periyava itself is enough to do puja for the entire Kanchi guru parampara. However, we have seen other two acharyas also in our lifetime. It is important that we do puja for all three acharyas.

There has been some unnecessary practice going on now where someone needs to initiate guru puja etc. These are completely unwarranted. Anyone can do guru puja – I have shared number of posts on this topic. So the only thing we need to do puja is real bakthi towards these mahans and shraddha. We have ashtotrams for Mahaperiyava and Pudhu Periyava available in this blog itself. For Balaperiyava, there is no official ashtotram from the Matam but I have heard that there are some written by devotees. If you have them, use it – or just do Siva or Kamakshi Ashtotram.

In order to help, Periyava Radio team has compiled a nice calendar for 2021 for Anusham – Uthiradam – Avittam.

I have also added this on the main page of the blog itself. By clicking it will bring up this post.

Special thanks to Bharatwaj for the design!

Periyava Sharanam!


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  1. Thanks for the calendar. In USA , Anusham starts March 4th at ~ 1 PM EST and Ends March 5th ~ 12 PM EST. Can we perform the pooja on 4th evening or does Anusham pooja always have to be done in the morning. Thanks in advance

  2. Does April have Anushams Pls? There seems to be a large gap between Apr and May Anushams..

  3. Excellent write-up, Anna!!
    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!!

  4. Namaskaram
    I have two queries
    1) Does the USA dates applies for Canada too? I live in BC.
    2) What is the significance of Avittam nakashatram? I understand that the significance of moolam, since on that day Mahaperiyava was initiated to sanyasam.

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