Kanchi Peetam – Ulagam Potrum Uththamam by Chicago Abhinav – FB Live Jan 1, 2021 6 PM EST

I am very happy to share the FB Live invitation for a new year 2021 special upanyasam by Chicago’s favorite kid Abhinav (grandson of Sri Bharani Mani Mama) on the topic “Ulagam Potrum Uththaman” – our revered MahaPeriyava of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam on Jan 1st at 6 PM EST/5 PM CST.

Mark your calendar and let us all participate to enjoy, encourage and also support Sankara Nethralaya Ophthalmic Mission Trust in whatever way we can through donations. This event can be watched at https://facebook.com/sankarnethralayaomtrust

Abhinav needs no introduction as I have shared his upanyasams from the past here in the blog. In 2020 itself he has done quite a few program via FB streaming for various causes. He is very much blessed by all Kanchi Acharyas and it can be clearly seen in his upanyasam.

Sankara Nethralaya Ophthalmic Mission Trust (Trust) was established in June 1988 in Rockville, Maryland, USA as a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization. The sole objective of the Trust is to support Sankara Nethralaya (SN), Chennai, India, a comprehensive eye care center for providing free eye care of international standard to indigent patients in the Indian sub-continent. More details at  https://www.sankaranethralayausa.org/about-us.html.

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  1. Completely disagree with all of you.. There are some kids that are protégés..Surya Gayathri is one example. We can play her songs to practice slokas and stotrams..Such is her perfection. Same with Abhinav – I personally know this kid for a long time..He is unique in his own way. He will come to my place for each anusham and sing a song or two on Mahaperiyava. These are not for any show-offs. That’s how the bakthi was injected into them by their parents. Watch my words “bakthi was injected” – not anything else. We all probably know 10% of what these kids know..that’s the reality. We need to encourage all such kids. With Periyavas blessings nothing will happen to these kids.

  2. People will encourage only quality and not because some one is young or projected by some one. What about Dushyant Sridhar? He started yoiung and now he is very much on of the best.
    Encouraging such budding Bowranikas if it encourages growth in Bakhthi in youngsters why not?

    • Sir, I cannot compare anybody to Acharyal.

      If you listen to videos of Veda dharma paripalana sabha or dharma sastra videos of sAnkara tv or velukudi in YouTube you will notice the difference between people who focus on content and preserving and passing along the glorious traditions than whose focus is on aesthetics and presentation

      Where is simplicity in any of these presentations or performance ? It’s all about show and aesthetics as main ideal. We all find much solace in small Brahmins boys learning and reciting Veda in plain white clothes than adambarams.

      I have seen kids changing their forehead marks depending on the songs. I am at a loss to even understand that behavior.

      I will stop writing because I cannot control my frustration that these things have wide acceptance

  3. Iamsure people may not like what I am about to write. It is not good to encourage such publicity for young performers because it would cause so many other parents to force their kids. There are many older people who need these exposure to feed their family. We are depriving those by focusing on young kids.

    It started with Kuldeep Pai capitalizing on young Surya Gayatri and now there is a whole cottage industry.

    It’s all become a show and aesthetics and competition rather than fostering Bhakti

    I know I am in the absolute minority

    • No sir. You are wrong. There are whizkids in sports, music and other arts. It is all due to God’s Grace and the encouragement of parents and the society at large. I do appreciate that youngsters being engaged in entertainment business/show businesses is wrong. But Bhakthi movement is altogether different. Many upansaya-people from Tanjore, I remember, started at their young age, and sharpened their skills and developed their Bhakthi as they grew. We must only ensure that this boy continues in his chosen path with relentless bhakthi and dedication. Age is only as number, it should neither be under-rated nor over-rated. A scientist won the Nobel prize at the age of 91.

    • I feel the same – in whatever specialty , kids coming to limelight at such tender age is not good for their own mental well-being.🙏🏽

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