Swami Vedanta Desikan’s vairagyam!

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Swami Vedanta Desikan was a unchavruthi Brahmin & hence was very poor Once his balya snehitha Vidyarana mixed gold coins with rice & offered it to him When he returned home, his wife told him that there are some shiny objects in rice without knowing it as gold Then, Swami Desikan took a stick & separated the gold from rice Referred gold coins as Worms 🐛 Such was his devotion & Vairakyam

Gold coins during daily unchavruthi was offered by another rich devotee which Swami avoided it like a worm . His childhood friend vidyaranya was a poet in a kingdom and requested Swami to come and sing in praise of the king and get riches. He sent a sloka in response to the first request . Then there was a second request and to which he composed 5 more slokas . Together these 6 slokas are called vairagya panchakam. In these slokas Swami condemns the practice of begging for wealth by singing in praise of mortals to gain the riches . He says Lord Varadharajan is his only wealth and rest of the world is worthless . Vidyaranyar understands the greatness of his friend and appreciates swamis vairagyam.

Our namaskaram to Sri Vedanta Desikan Swamigal!

Om Namo Narayana!

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  1. Where can we get the Vairagya Panchakam ?


  2. Sir here can we get the Vairagya Panchagam ?

    95660 79862

  3. To such great souls, Namo Namah 🙏

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