Arulmigu Sri Anandavalli Samedha Agatheeswarar Temple needs support for Kumbabishekam

Thanks to Smt Krithika for sending me these details. Please consider supporting this noble cause. Please reach out to Sri Muralidharan for more details. Unfortunately, the trust members did not send me any photos of this temple. Once I receive I will add them here.

The trustee contact details are below

Temple trust a/c details:

  • City Union Bank, Chrompet
  • 500101012316497 – IFSC- CIUB0000150

Trustee contact details:

  • Shri Muralidharan
  • Mob1: 9444006586 [Whats App + Mobile] Mob2: 6380432377
  • Email:

 Arulmigu Sri Anandavalli Samedha Agatheeswarar Temple 

Nemilichery, Chrompet, Chennai-44 

We are happy to share the information about the temple and the place where “Sri Anandavalli Samedha Agatheeswarar temple” is located. 

Village Name and significance 

The original name of this village is “Nemili Cherivu”. This is a Telegu word. There is a fact behind this. About 400 years back, this village was a part of a place called “Zamin Rayepettai”. It was said that the Zamin who ruled this place donated this village to the Vedic Pandits belonged to Kanchipuram who had Telegu as their mother tongue. At that time, this place was filled with natural beauty and rich in water resources. Moreover, this place was with full of Peacocks which added more beauty to this place. In Tamil “Nemily” means Peacock and “Cherivu” means Pride (crowd) and hence the Pandits named this place as “Nemily Cherivu” and later it turned to “Nemilichery”. 

History of the Temple 

As soon as we enter the temple and see the deities’ Sri Agatheeswarar and Sri Anandavalli, we feel that we are in the ancient temple. Agathiyar, a great saiva saint, who lived in 11th Century was one among the 11 leading Siddhas. He was the head of other Siddhas who designed the Siddha Medical rules and also defined the Ayurveda formulae. He created more powerful Siva Lingas through his Yoga Power and installed in many places for future generation to cure their diseases. There are many such temples in and around Chennai. Moreover, he was more particular in installing the Siva Lingas in places which were rich in reciting vedas. All those main deities in such temples are named as “Agatheeswarar” and “Anandavalli”. This was his Mudra (Trademark). It was said that the deities in our temple were installed by him. 

Based on the request to visit our temple and give a report, Padmashri Ganapathy, Andhara Pradesh’s ex Chief Sthapathy had visited our Temple On 8th August 2003 and submitted his report. In his report he had stated that once this was a “Maha Shetram”. From this, it is clear that this temple belongs to ancient period. Thus, we understand the glory of our deities’ Sri Agatheeswarar and Sri Anandavalli who shower their blessings to the devotees who surrender them. One can experience this when they visit this temple. 

Later History of the Temple: 

This temple would have been demolished by natural agents in the later part of 19th Century. In the early 20th Century all the parts of the temple except the Swamy sannadhi (Garpagraham) might have been totally destroyed. 

In 1930, Shri Kodaa Munuswamy Iyer renovated the Swamy sannadhi and constructed the present Ambal sannadhi and performed Kumbabishegam. At that point of time, there was no Gopuram structure for Swamy and Ambal. If he would not have done that, we would have lost Sri Agatheeswarar and Sri Anandavalli and outside Nandhikeswarar. Thanks to Shri Kodaa Munuswamy Iyer. He not only performed Kumbabishegam of the temple but also donated 1 Acre and 49 Cents of land to the temple. 

The temple has a total of 4 Acres and 55 Cents of land. At present, there is no income from the land and still a waste land. 

An unknown, kind hearted person informed about the temple and the land to Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowment Board (HR & CE) and thus the temple and some portion of the land are safe and is under the control of HR & CE. 

After the period of Shri Kodaa Munusway Iyer, the temple started to destroy with no source to perform daily Pooja and dragged to the stage of closure of the temple. In 1968, Mr R. Venkatraman, who resided at Radha Nagar in Chrompet, had visited the temple and understood that the temple was closed and there was no poojas. At that point of time, the temple was attached to HR & CE, Tambaram Branch. In 1991, Mr N Thangaiah, who was the Executive Officer of HR&CE, Tembaram, was the devotee of Sri Agatheeswarar. Under his direct supervison, he arranged one time daily Pooja with effect from 1st March 1991. 

In July 1991, Mr Venkatraman had the opportunity of meeting Mr Thangaiah, who encouraged Mr Venkatraman to start the renovation work. Thus, on 5th September 1991, the renovation work of the temple started and the following works were completed and Kumbabishegam was performed on 11th July 1993. 

1. Swamy and Ambal Gopuram structure 

2. Temple compound wall and maha mandapam shed 

3. Cement floor inside the temple 

4. New Vinayakar, Murugar, inside Nandhi with 2 Pali Peetam. 

From there the growth of the temple improved step by step with the dedication and hard work of some of the devotees. With the help of Shri Anandavalli Samedha Agatheesware Peravai, the renovation work was completed and Kumbabishegam was performed on 25th June 2007. Thus we got the complete structure which we are seeing now at present. 

Temple Administration: 

This temple is under the administrative control of HR & CE. Actually, a Trustee (Arangavalar kuzhu) should have been appointed for the administration of the temple. They could not run this temple due to insufficient income. So, Shri Agatheeswarar Baktha Kaingarya Trust, with permission from the Executive Officer, is maintaining the temple. Income received as donation from devotees, and through special poojas (Homam, Pradosham, Abishegam, Sivarathri, Aadi Pooram, Panguni Uthiram Thirukalyanam etc.) are used for maintaining the temple. We also get monthly donations from few devotees which is also used for the temple maintenance. 

Kind request to devotees 

The temple is very well managed today. This should continue further. Moreover, there are lot of renovation work to be done. As we have completed more than 12 years after Kumbabishegam, we have to complete the renovation including few improvements and need to perform Kumbabishegam for the temple. 

Further, with the raise of inflation, the cost of maintenance is also increasing. Hence, we request everyone to contribute and participate in the noble deed. 

We pray everyone to get showers of blessings from Shri Agatheeswarar and Shri Anandavalli. 

Thank you 

Shri Agatheeswarar Baktha Kaingarya Trust, Nemilichery, Chennai-44 

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