Varanasi Sri Chakra Lingeswar story

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The temple Sri Chakra Lingeshwar is situated in a small galli of Hanuman ghat on the banks of Ganga. It is close by to Shankara mutt.* The uniqueness of this temple is that the Linga which has been installed here has the Sri yantra embedded on it. This temple had fallen into ruins for many years. In the year 1936 when Kanchi Kamakoti Maha Periyavar Sri Sri Chandrashekhara Saraswati visited Varanasi on a paada yatra, he identified this temple from the ruins and said that Sri Mutthuswamy Dikshitar stayed there with his guru Chidambaranatha yogi and the latter’s jiva samadhi was beneath the Shiva linga.It was Chidambaranatha yogi who gave the Sri vidya deeksha to Dikshitar and bestowed him the deeksha naama Chidanandanatha. This was performed in Varanasi. Kashi is a seat of knowledge. Chidambaranatha yogi not only gave deeksha of Shodashakshari mantra, but also taught Veda and Vedanta or Upanishadic aspects. This is very well reflected in all his compositions and that is the reason Dikshitar’s compositions cannot be understood easily.Mutthuswamy Dikshitar stayed here for about six years doing Sadhana along with his Guru. In fact it was here that Dikshitar was exposed to Hindustani music which resulted in adopting few ragas like Dwijawanti, Yamunakalyani, Hameerkalyani and etc. to Karnatak music in the latter part of his life.

Sri Chidanandanatha mentioned here is different from the one who belongs to Guhanandamandali.

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  1. Thanks for sharing.Very glad to know. SK

  2. Dear Sir/MadamCan you post this article in tamilMany people like to readvaitheeswaran.N

  3. How is this Guru different from Guhanandamandali ?


  4. Namaskarm! Sri Mathre Namaha!! Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara!!!
    Looking forward to visiting the temple for manthra sadhana during the next trip to Varanasi. Thanks for the info share. Namaskarm!

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