Drive Carefully: Dying Compassion – Hit & Run Case – Rescued Small Rishabam passed away

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – This Sunday AM Viswanathan and myself were on our way to Marakkanam to rescue cows from going to slaughter house (will write a separate note on that) by OMR. At Kelambakkam, we saw a small rishabam lying on the road bleeding. No one was paying attention to him. While on the move saw him lying the middle of the road. Initially we thought he passed away but I saw his leg trembling.  Took U turn to check the condition and found he was alive suffering in excruciating pain as he had suffered pelvic fractures and in spine area. No way he could get up. We tried to find out the owner to inform him about the accident. After we got into action only people around gathered to see what’s happening. Till then nobody cared. We decided to call blue cross but BC sometimes takes almost a day to come and pickup and leaving the rishabam in the middle of the road will be a huge risk on several aspects. So when we were about to board the bull, the owner turned up. He didn’t want to give treatment, but wants to give it to the slaughterhouse. I said let’s go to the police. He immediately agreed to give it to the blue cross. We didn’t wait to hire a vehicle since it was around Sunday morning 7AM, without wasting any more time, with the help of a couple more people managed to load rishabam inside my car and took him to blue cross. Unfortunately the rishabam passed away in a few hours unable to overcome the pain and accident trauma. I’m at a loss of words on several aspects.

The one thing that is very striking is the dying compassion among humans. While is barbaric on the part of the driver who hit this rishabam recklessly and sped away, it was even more appalling that people and the vehicles passing by OMR road on a Sunday morning did not have a few minutes to check on this poor jeevan. Remember the rishabam was lying in the middle of the road from 4am which even a partially blind person could not miss it. He was just not lying but evincing in severe pain due to the severe fracture on this spine and pelvic area. The cow owner is yet another case of absolute ruthlessness. People could have tried to offer little water, fruits, called a vet or BC but nothing happened. There were a few people sitting in a tea shop nearby and just wasting their time which is even more pathetic….While it is depressing to see this Rishabam pass away we have to pray to Periyava for him to not return to this world yet again. Pics below.

My request all who is reading this post is to watch out for and drive carefully. There are so many cows that suffer fatal injuries in Chennai roads. Don’t curse them or rush through if you see a cow or any animal in the middle of the road. They are there because they don’t have a place to go and the owners drive them to roads. If you see an injured animal in distress please call blue cross. Their phone no is:  044 4627 4999. Register a ticket and wait till the cow/animal is taken otherwise it will end up in wrong hands. Better, if doable, take it in your own vehicle or arrange a vehicle to be transported to BC directly. Their address is:  No 72, Velachery Main Rd, Guindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600032.

When humans who have sixth sense drives recklessly and mindlessly what will these poor jeevans do and where will they go? Kindly think and act. Rama Rama

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  3. Most of the human beings are worse than animals and beasts. It will take a long time for the humanity to raise to its level for which it is created. So, people like you have to be on the forefront to be the living examples.
    My hearty congratulations to you for your service. I pray our esteemed Acharya shower you with all the best in life for a long time.

  4. Unable to see and digest the incident…. Rama.. Rama…Rama… Sad part is despite your effort, you could not save it. As you said, Maha Periva has to take birth again….

  5. Here’s another animal rescue contact in Chennai – 9500149181

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