Outstanding drawing by Mahesh

I have seen Sri A.R. Subramanian in FB sharing some of this drawings of Mahaperiyava – I think I have shared some here too. Also I have seen him sharing his son’s (Mahesh) drawings often. Although I have not shared them here, I do thoroughly enjoy how similar both their drawing styles are. Today I saw this one – I was simply spellbound ! Completely flawless and beautiful work!!! Without His blessings none of this would have been possible.

Great job Mahesh!

Mahaperiyava sharanam!

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  1. Very realistic sketch by Mahesh!

    Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara..

  2. Inside image in your heart has come out on paper…… Keep continuing….

  3. Yes these two Father and son are great artists. A family friend of ours and ex-neighbour in Goregaon, Mumbai, they are pious and excellent family, Mr A R Subramaniam has an additional blessings of hailing from Holy Abhirami Bhattar (Thirukkadaiyur) lineage, presently living in Bengaluru. Mr A.R.S. is also a Tamil Poet and has written many devotional songs one of which is worth mentioning – he has written Kanakadhara Stotram in Tamil worth reading. Congrats Mahesh and ARS ji. Thanks Mr Mahesh Krishnamurthy for posting this. Mahaperiyavaa saranam

  4. Great work ! Looks very real !! Tadroopam !! Periyava sharanam .

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