Vaideeswaran Kovil Kumbabishekam

Aum Nama Shivaya!

While we all know so many great kshetrams, Vaideeswaran Kovil has an uniqueness. In addition to being part of Navagraha Sthalam, Thayal Nayagi sametha Lord Vaideeswaran is the only God for curing all diseases. As per the legend goes, Vaideeswaranathar cured illness to all the injured members of the devatas led by Subrahmanyar. This temple also has the jatayu kundam where Jatayu from Ramanyana where the ash is considered to cure all diseases. There are so many mahatmiyams for this great khsetram. We all may remember an incident from Mahaperiyava’s life where Sri Balu Mama went to this kshetram and prayed Vaideeswaranathar to cure Periyava’s stomach ailment etc. In today’s pandemic situation we all need the blessings of Thaiyal nayagi sametha Vaideeswaranathar to stay healthy.

This great kshetram is undergoing kumbabishekam in April timeframe under the blessings and guidance of Sri Periyava, Sri Mahasannidhanam of Dharmapura adheenam. This holy task is taken up by Smt Mahalakshmi mami. Please see the anugrahabashanam video of Sri Dharmai adheenam Swamigal to know more.

Please contact Smt Mahalakshmi mami at 9840053289

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  1. can anybody tell me the best way to contribute to the renovation of Vaitheeswaran koil temple. Any official temple account no. The one given here appears to be in some individual name. Pl advise. My Phone no.9967935857,email id

  2. Kindly request you to tell us the date of vaideeswaran kovil kumbabishekam

  3. Donors should not be assessed by the amount of Donation…the sentiment to participate in the auspicious ritual is paramount….Chandrasekhars comment relevant…hifi fund raiser ride a roughshod is distasteful for such an office bearer.

  4. Can someone share the bank details inorder to participate in this kaingkaryam.

    • Smt. Mahalakshmi is too old or too very busy for the responsibility she has shouldered. If she thinks it is too much of a bother, she must pass it on to someone who is young and more willing.

      She is rude. When you start the conversation with a “Sivaya Nama: Om”, she replies “come to the point”. This is no way of executing a divine responsibility. Please she must remember we are all Sri Periyavaa’s servants and among servants there is no place for “come to the point” superiority exhibition. We aren’t her servants with whom she can yell.

      Therefore, I shall greatly appreciate if the account details can be given here so that we can straightaway deposit our mite into the account without having to go through the unpleasant experience of conversing with a woman who is too big for the job!

      • Exactly . I also experienced the same . When i asked the details she is saying for such a small amount donation we are asking details . Iam shocked to see that temple trutee is behaving such rude behaviour . She was going on arguing . Such a holy place and we have to hear rude remarks

      • Dear Sri Mahesh:

        Please give us the bank account details. We will deposit our contribution directly into it. We don’t wish to talk to Smt Mahalakshmi Maami.

      • Bank details
        Name – Sri Mahalakshmi Charitable trust
        A/c no. 074010100631839
        Bank – Axis bank
        Branch – Ramapuram, Chennai 600089
        IFS Code – UTIB0000074
        Savings bank account
        Our bank is authorised to accept Indian currency only.

  5. there is heavy revenue lekage to the temple. cleaning the temple premises is very essential. at least three times a day. visiting publiv, ubayadhars, EVEN GURUKKAL,take coffee milk, tea etc by sipping the cup &
    throw away whereever they stand. even near the ambal sannadhi as well as muthukumaraswamy sannadhi
    mandapam areas. the used cups are strewenevery area near dwajasyhambam area. There is no awareness amongst
    temple staff, Gurukkal, his agents, as to the clean maintenance of the area.
    Such a BIG shiva temple the vilva dalam is a rare item and costly too and too not available EASILY. More & more VILVAM TREES COULD BE PLANTED IN THE TEMPLE”S nandavanam srea.
    A display board calling the attention of UBAYADARS., DEVOTEES, GURUKKALS, BROKERS ina seperate
    request for following discipline. TEMPLE PUSHKARANI, always SHOWS A NEGLECTED OUTLOOK.,
    bad/pungent odour. it MUST BE PERIODICALLY CLEANED.

  6. I am not good at talking over the telephone because of my hearing problem. Kindly give me the account details into which I can deposit my humble contribution. Thanks.

  7. Best wishes on Kumbabishekam !!!

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