Smt Sowmya’s Navarathri Special

Saw this on FB and I was awestruck to see the beauty of this drawing! Great details and simply fantastic!

Aum Sri Matrey Namaha!

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5 replies

  1. Mrs. Sowmya’s skills at her fingers and her devotion is the result of this picture. Great work Madam. Be blessed by Maha Periva as always.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara….. Hara Hara Shankara….

  2. very very beautiful and divine lookings. God bless her with more such laurels and appreciations throughout the world.

  3. Marvellous. Ambal is so beautifully reflected in the drawing. Periyava and ambal ashirwatham. Great work Soumya.

  4. Extremely beautiful. Worth making it is as a frame in our pooja room.

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