Free panchayathana set by Sri Sarmaji

Thanks to Sri Sarmaji for sharing this. As many of you know, he has been initiating many people into panchayathana puja for quite some time. Due to these covid times, it is not possible to do any congregations for this. He is now planning to give the puja set for free for eligible folks and expects you to contact your Sastrigal to get initiated. Please contact him in the phone number given for more details.

Aum Nama Shivaya!

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  1. Their response was disappointing. They were asking too many irrelevant questions and seem to be not interested to give.I told them that I will buy from a shop by paying money..

  2. Sri Maha Periav Padhangale Saranam. Much much thankful to you for this message.

  3. is such facility available at Bangalore please? I am prepared to bear courier cost if it is possible to get the same.

  4. I don’t find any phone number here. Pls post it or may be I cudnt see it.
    Periyava das

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