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  1. 1. arya samaj is anglo-vedic. especially dav schools. they pick up whatever they want from vedas and interpret everything wrongly and make every tom dick and harry and even woman perform agnihotra by making them recite vedic mantras and even mass chant gayathri mantras before classes and this agnihotra thing is a part of the curriculum which has marks. whether or not the girls can enter prayer hall, they are not bothered. no bangles, no marudhani, etc was/is the rule of the school. sadly, foolish hindus (esply brahmins) admit their children in such useless schools which are born to destroy especially brahmin’s culture and vedic tradition.
    2. *skon is another fake one.
    3. no true sadguru will call himself or sign as sadguru. this foolish person shamelessly gives lectures as though he’s one learned.
    4. no true hindu will leave his hair open and wear a white robe, with empty forehead and fool people as though he’s an avatar!
    5. *****ananda is another fake.
    6. *ai babas are another category who can only keep playing with true vedic practices. the temple in mylapore for him has lighting of candles for jesus or allah!! and u call it hindu temple. fools create “GAYATRI” mantra for him.
    6. similarly, rk math is only name sake vedic and advaita. they are one unique category of people that are also the cause for the downfall of true vedic ritual practices.
    definitely he was neither a shankaracharya nor belonged to the tradional sanyas group.
    people who question “so what” will always be back-biters of true vedic rituals only. “so what if woman can take up sanyas?” “so what if i can eat non veg, my heart is veg” “so what is i dont follow rituals, i am full of bhakti”.. all religions are one and the same .. rk math temple is only all-religious math.. all this fancy stupidity is nothing but crap.

    • god knows when only people can distinguish true mahanas. hope ramanar, seshadri swamigal, mahaperiyava,puduperiva and other true simple mahans bless our true shankaracharya jagadguru of our moolamnaya shankara peetam so much that our present shankaracharya like adishankara will be able to root out all unwanted fakes floating and troubling people who are numerous followers of fools sticking to foolish gurus out of the world like how shankara threw out all non-vedic religions that were giving trouble during shankara’s days.

      May our jagadguru shankaracharya emerge as a great winner like shankara by throwing these non-hindu fake institutions(that are silently only pro-christinas and pro-muslims, etc) that destroy true indian culture once and for all out of india. may there be peace for brahmins and gomatas always.

      don’t know when only this *ai babas moham and rk math moham and other foolish mohams like ones listed above will get out of people.

      • only fools like these are the cause for the downfall. when child marriage was not supported by these so called hindus, that was the first step which has given into the present day situation of brahmin woman especially who dont care about anything other than money. all let-hair-loose-foolish-girls who are the great rouble for society today is only because of relaxation of rules decided by foolish people of those days. how can one even worship such persons like babas or rk or that ga*hi? fools call that gan*hi as pita of the country!! hahaa. wat a fraud he was.

        may ramanara,seshadriswamigal,mahaperiyava and similar true mahans bless that the fools with so much followers get out of india and may people get brains to act as per vedic rules only.
        only when child marriage becomse a practice again, girl children will be girl children and turn into great mothers and in turn have a great family of men who will also be genuine men.

    • +ram. Well, sir. Some comments are due.
      1.Arya Samaj is not a Hindu organization. Yes, they interpret the Veda in their own way.
      2.ISKCON is certainly NOT ‘another fake one.’ They belong to Brahma Madhva Gaudia Vaishnava sampradaya- Bengal tradition owing allegiance to Madhwacharya’s school, but following Chaitanya Mahaprabhu later.They are Vaishnavas, but do not owe allegiance to either Madhava or Ramanuja’s schools. They believe that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead- Bhagavan.( and not Naryayana or Vasudeva.) This is based on the statement in the Bhagavatam: “Krishas tu Bhagvan Swayam”.[ I.3.28] They rely on Bhagavata, Bhagavad Gita as the foundational scriptures, as interpreted by their Acharyas. They do not allow or accept modern, academic interpretation of these scriptures. Their basic philosophy is “Achintya bhedabhedam” – which is more akin to Advaita than Dwaita or Visishtadvaita. They preach:
      – no meat eating
      -no drinking-
      – no drugs or intoxicants
      -no illicit sex ( no sex outside marriage, and that too for purposes of procreation.
      [ These are the four places which were given to Kali , according to Bhagavatam]
      -Eating only consecrated food (Prasadam)
      -venerating the cow, and importance to agriculture’
      They insist on disciplic succession- ie strict tradition of acharya parampara. They do not accept upstart gurus. Does any of this make them fake? They are not Advaitins, but that does not make them fake.
      [ I may mention here that the bhakti grnathas that Sri Bodhendra wrote- Sri Bhagavan Nama Rasayanam and Sri Bhagavan Nama Rasodayam were inspried by the manuscripts obtained from Orissa/Bengal from Vaishnava devotee.]

      3. It is better not to talk of the others.
      4. As for RK Math- you are correct. They do not represent any authentic Vedic/Vedantic tradition. They even went to the Supreme Court in the 80s and declared in writing that they were not Hindus, that they followed “Ramakrishnaism” and so they should be considered minorities. ( The Supreme Court did not accept this stand, but they have not given up this stand.) This is the position that they still maintain. Outside India, they proclaim that all religions are true and their followers even speak of “Western Vedanta.”
      But all this is not the fault of Sri Ramakrishna! He said that other religions came by the will of God and would disappear by the will of God, and only Sanatana Dharma, the ‘religion of the Rishis’ would be permanent. He said the purpose of life is to realise God, and the only way for it is true Bhakti., as it is not possible to strictly follow Vedic karmas in this age. (This is also in accordance with the teaching of Bhagavatam). The way of Bhakti shown by Narada is the one suited for the Kali Age. Does this make him fake? Sri Ramakrishna did not create the RK Math. It was established by Vivekananda after Sri Ramakrishna’s samadhi. So, let us not blame Sri Ramakrishna for what others are doing in his name. If we love someone, we don’t have to love his dog also!
      Sri Bodhendra Swamigal wrote:
      Kali kalmasha Chittanam
      Papa dravya jeevinam
      Vidhi karma viheenanaam
      Gati: Govinda Keertanam.
      It is exactly this that SRi Ramakrishna advocated.
      But the RK Math is a bogus Hindu outfit.

      • sir. dont you know about *hakti*edant of *skon ? look at his stupid books. this entire hare krishna concept is also a western concept. right from the way they chant like as though they sing carol in church. their intention is to use this as a way to convert into christianity. they change every content in bhagavatam saying krishna consciousness. there are many scams and crimes. they have made krishna a business like how some others are making business out of hanuman like having tall non-agamaic idols.
        all want only money, be it mutts, temples or these neo-found organizations. sad that we find many hindus a target to such fake gurus, but leave out people who are simple and stay away from money.
        like vedic enemies called buddhists, iskon preaches veg, but openly have non-veg and do all sorts of this that should ot be done.

        sir, viveka was against child marriage and wanted its abolision. many of his remarks on marriage is not vedic. also god knows how are people tagging Rk as a paramhans even without knowing the meaning for such a term.. and, he was against many of the vedic rtuals. and, he could refused any meat/fish/non-veg instead of putting on his head or something. also, dressing like woman doesnt imply him becoming bhagavati or seeing bhagavati in all. search for “lost in our tracks” in go*gle and there is a blog which clearly describes all his filthy language and behaviour. sad that people treat him as some realised person. this is just an instance. there are many which you may come to know if you read the originals. Rk is another fake and not a saint.

        there are many incidents to show that these kind of people were also examples to only bring ill to the vedic practices and promote other religions. there were the roots to detroy the true meaning of casteism. no doubt untouchability is gone, child marriage is gone. now, for corona.. the same untouchability is being renamed social distancing. what was mocked at our ancestors is not being brought back, whether or not one likes.

        i dont want to talk further about these unwanted evils who destroy tradions of hindus and hate vedic practices here in this divine mahaperiyava site.

  2. This photo is rarely seen in the publications of Sri Ramakrishna Math. The disciples are shown, but the lower portion with the body of Sri Ramakrishna is not published. The reason they gave is that this picture is likely to disturb the devotees. But the devotees are disturbed even when they read about the events connected with the illness of Sri Ramakrishna from April, 1885. In fact, Sri Mahendranath Gupta was so disturbed that he did not cover the events of the last four months of Sri Ramakrishna’s earthly life in The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna.
    Sri Ramakrishna was initiated formally into Advaita by Sri Tota Puri- a monk belonging to the Puri order of the Dasanami Sampradaya initiated by Acharya Sankara. Tota Puri had insisted on Sanyasa before initiation. Thus Sri Ramakrishna belonged to the Sankara tradition, though he did not follow the orthodox pattern. Holy Mother used to remind the disciples that they belonged to the Sankara order, and therefore, Advaitic parampara.
    But the young disciples did not preserve the body in Samadhi, but cremated it. Evidently they had not taken proper counsel. Later on, Swami Vivekananda admitted that it had been a mistake. The site of the cremation is marked by a simple memorial.
    After the cremation, there was some dispute among two groups of disciples about possession of the ashes – the householder devotees and the youngsters who had taken ‘sanyas’ on their own later. The ashes were divided among them, the larger portion going to the youngsters. This was by a subtle trick. It was this portion which Vivekananda carried later to Belur Math. [ Now, the RK Math has obtained control of the householders’ portion also.]
    The householders had some justification for their stand, since they had supported Sri Ramakrishna all along, meeting his medical and other expenses ( including the monthly rent of his house). Sri Ramakrishna was not satisfied with his stay in Calcutta and desired to go back to Dakshineswar, but the temple authorities there did not agree to his return. It is so sad.
    This photo triggers all these memories. I apologise if it disturbs devotees. Some truths have to be told.

  3. This has been posted elsewhere earlier as the picture of Mahasamadhi.

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