Dwadasha Lakshna Sthambha

Thanks to Hari for FB share. It is amazing to know how properly structured the design is and how complete it is. Even today’s cloud architecture may not have such a defined components and definitions  🙂

Do you think this is just a Temple Pillar?

This “Dwadasha Lakshna Sthambha” – 12 Elements Pillar is of “Vishnu Kanta” (Octagonal) class of Hindu temple pillars from Surya Mandir, Modhera, Gujarat.

1) Ghata/Ahvaana Patta – Base Water pot like Kalasa or Welcome Band generally contains Sri Ganesha or Sri Maha Lakshmi.

2) Simhamukha Patta – Lion Band – represents the Valor & Courage.

3) Dwarapala Patta – Guardian Band – Guardians of the presiding deity in the temple are present.

4) Vadaka/Vadaki patta – Musicians Band singing in reverence of the god.

5) Avatara patta – Manifestation Band – different Avataras of presiding deity.

6) Kalika Patta – Lotus Bud Band – indicates the potentiality of everybody to attain moksha.

7) Khandika/Ghanta Patta – Bell band – signifies the impermanence, transient creation of this universe through sound.

8) Deva Gana Patta – Embodiments of divine features – resembles all good characters of divinity.

9) Gandharva Patta – Geometrical Band basically Vajra or Padma Kulika are present. Vajra indicates indestructibility. Padma Kulika indicates – probability of moksha all human beings.

10) Kirtimukha Patta – Kirtimukha is the embodiment of dedication to his master Mahadev.

11) Kumbhika/Purnakumbha – Kalasa – water pot at the top.

12) Sirsa – Head/Capital of a pillar – represents how important sirsa is in bearing weight like Head takes care of a human body.

Ghata at base is water, Kumbhika at the top is water – is an indication of how life emerges in water and ends in water.

“Incredible India – Atulya Bharath”

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  1. Amazing !!
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara


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