Sri Bilaspur Swamigal Ashram needs funds to rebuild Ghosala

Thanks to Sri Mahesh Srinivasan, OH for letting me know about this.

Sri Bilaspur Swamigal does not need any introduction. He is the  Peetadipathi of Sricakra MahaMeru Peetham in Bilaspur, Chattishgar. I have shared many postings about Him in the past.

I understand that the Peetham was recently impacted quite significantly by floods with much damage to the ghoshala, kitchen, equipment etc. They are in the process of rebuilding things – especially the Ghoshala to house the cows in the safe place. I understand that the entire expenses are around Rupees 8 lacs and there is an urgent need for funds.

Can we all extend support to this urgent noble cause?

This is the website for the ashram – please visit this page to get all details about contact #, donation details etc.

Periyava Sharanam

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  1. Here is the bank account details for making DONATIONS:
    Donations/Offerings in cash or demand draft may please to be sent to

    IFSC CODE:ICIC0002425
    ICICI BANK ACCOUNT NO:242501000069
    ICICI BANK,Bilaspur Gurunanak Chowk Branch

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