Sri Seshadri Swamigal Rajagopuram Garbagraham Inaugural Event

Here are the photos from the inaugural event. Click the below link to see the photos….

Five hundred years before there was a Brahma Ghani Jeevan Mukther Sri Koteeswara Swamiji lived in Marudhadu 2 KM from Vazhur. His Jeeva samadhi Bhoomi puja was held on 24 08 20 Our H H Sri Sheshadri swamigal used to spent most of his time doing penace when he was in Vazhur Mr. Sridhar (Anathapredha Samskaram trust ) and Sri Suresh Marudhadu belongs to Sri Koteeswara Swamigal Family. The Jeeva Samadhi Athistanam kumbhabhisekam was no one witnessed so far. With the help of Sri Suresh Family and Srider ( APST) We are fortunate to organise the renovation.

Sri Nandakumar sthapathy from kanchi is going to do the construction both HH Sri Sheshadri swamigal temple and Rajagopurams Vazhur and construction of Sri koteeswara Swamial athishtanam. Sri koteeswara swamiji also does lot of miracles Our prayers are answered immediately here.

Click on the below link for photos:

Please contact Smt Mahalakshmi mami to know who you can participate in this project.

Sri Seshadri Swamigal Tiruvadi Potri!

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