Sankarapuram Agnihotri village project – An appeal from the trustees

It has been a very long time since I talked to advocate Anna and have not posted any update from that project at all. I was told by few of my friends that the project has been progressing very well. It would be good if there is any recent video of the place to virtually see how the temple and the houses have been built so far. This project is a unique one and a massive one too! Without support from all of us, it would be difficult to meet their objectives. Here is the recent flyer I received few days back from Sri T G Ranganathan.

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  1. Periyavaa Sharanam. Thank you , I have received the India bank account details from Smt Padhma and through the Grace of Jagadgurus have been able to made a contribution. May more Brahmins come back into the fold of Agnihotris and ensure Mahaperiyavaa’s vision quickly mushrooms into a living , breathing and evolving ecosystem of Agnihotris and Vedic villages all over our motherland. With a heart full of a gratitude for the blessed life given to us, may we continue to be guided by and be at the lotus feet of Mahaperiyavaa’s Eternal Presence.

  2. Periyavaa Sharanam

    May I enquire if you accept from non USA bank accounts?

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