Periyava Radio hosts Ganesha Chaturthi special for 3-days from Aug 21-23

Om Sri Mahaganeshaaya Namah’

अगजानन पद्मार्कं
गजाननं अहर्निशम् ।
अनेकदन्तं भक्तानां
एकदन्तं उपास्महे ॥

Salutaions to the Ekadanta, whose grace is always on His devotees;
who worship Him with deep devotion, granting all their worthy prayers;
as the rays from the lotus-Face of Gauri is always on Her beloved son Gajanana, .

Ganesha, the one loving image that makes all of us smile with joy,
like we welcome one so dear to us – Our Vighnaharta, is there with us again,
this Vinayaka Chaturthi, to bless this world, to give us a respite time and again.

We at Periyava Radio are celebrating our own Ganesha who is worshiped with fervor as Ganapati Bappa, Gauri Ganesha, Pillaiyar, like we celebrate a lovable friend, for 3 days starting 21st August 2020 at 3 PM to 23rd August. The timings and details of the events will be updated in the events section of Periyava Radio.

It is time to enjoy Vinayaka Chaturthi with Vinayakar Agaval,
discourses on Vinayakar by the legends, Dikshitar’s Shodasha Ganapti kritis,
and many more compositions by the maestros, Samaveda chanting and much more.

Please join the celebrations and tune in to Periyava Radio App.
Download the app “Periyava Radio” from play store to enjoy!

Team – Periyava Radio

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  1. Periava Radio is an important app. for me.
    I am posting japam counts on daily basis
    .now I have changed my mobile via. Samsung
    In this phone periava app
    Is something different

    There used to be like this
    ,@month ,@year
    But in this new phone only month is there.
    The daily count is not added to the year total
    On daily basis. I am also not able to interact with team members to clarify doubt.
    Please provide mobile no. To interact please. I have posted many messages.but no response

    Please enlighten me as I am not able to write
    My problems

    Pl hive ph no. Pl reply

    S. Gopalakrishnan

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