My video message on Sri Seshadri Swamigal Manimandapam Project

Here is the YouTube link for those who couldn’t watch Sai TV live.

Smt Mahalakshmi, out of her affection towards me, had given all the intro about me. Hope her words come true!!!! As of now, I dont deserve one bit. Please take it as a pinch of salt and move on to listen to the other messages such as progress on the project, how to get involved etc.

Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadi Sharanam!

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  1. Divine Task. Kudos to all your work!


  2. Please give the website address. Thanks and regards.

  3. Very well articulated Mahesh

  4. Thank you very much for the great information. Nice talk.Mahaperiyava blessings for your great project. You have done well sitting with Chicago Periyava.

  5. Thank you very much for the great information. Let your great work be blessed by Mahaperiyava. Nice have done it well.

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