Nithyakarma – Pujyasri Ahobila matam Sri Jeeyar Swamigal

Shared in FB by someone….Don’t miss!!! He is a great pundit and mahan. Let us all listen to Him and take sankalpa from today as He suggested. Our namaskaram to Sri Ramana Dikshitar for taking up this initiative. Let us spread the word to our friends and families and make them all do.

Our namaskaram to Swamigal!

Om Nama Narayanaya!

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  1. Hope this initiative brings a rejuvenation among all those wearing the sacred thread. A must to make the world a better place.

  2. It was very inspiring. He spoke like a mother to us

  3. Namaste Is there any way you can write in few lines to me about what Pu Aacharya is saying as I Gujarati please.



  4. Excellent discourse 🙏

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