Alert:: Phishing attempt on Mahaperiyava devotees

I was alerted by my buddy Arun about recent frequent attempts by strangers impersonating as Mahaperiyava devotees and targeting Mahaperiyava devotees. This is not done by a single person – mostly this is done by a team of thieves. Before I go further, I want to clarify what “phishing” means. Most of the IT folks would know what it is. However, senior citizens and those who are not computer-savvy may not know this. Phishing is kind of a technique used by data thieves who send emails, text, WhatsApp messages to you using some messages that will make you read/respond etc. Once you respond, they will find a way out to get more data from your phone/computer/iPad etc and they steal those information – including your credit card information, login credentials etc.

Now back to the main point –  these guys are targeting Mahperiyava devotees and send just Mahaperiyava photo and say “Periyava sharanam” “Guruvara darshanam” etc – all nice catchy words. Please follow the simple rule – if you do not recognize the number from where such messages come, do not reply – simply block those numbers. Same applies to emails too – do not reply or click on any link that are sent in email too. We do not need some stranger to share you Mahaperiyava photos to you!

Please take extra precaution to protect your data. I will do the same.
Periyava Sharanam.

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  1. We will feel obliged with any SriMukham from mutt for Thiruvisalnallur patasalai revival

  2. Many thanks. As you said, I have been searching the meaning for Phising. Now that you have clarified, we will be alert. Regards.

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