Brahmasri Venkatrama Ganapadigal, Secunderabad passed away

I regret to inform you all that Sri Venkatarama Ganapadigal of Secunderabad yesterday. He was the founder&Managing Trustee of Sri Sankara Bhakta Sabha that run the Veda Bhavan Vedapatasala at Malkajgiri near Safilguda, Secunderabad. In those days when there were no vaideekas in Hyderabad, residents approached Mahaperiyava and He asked Ganapadigal mama to start the vedapatasala and today several 100s of great ganapadigals have come out of this Patasala. Mama taught the whole world how to run the Patasala amidst lot of financial struggle in those days with a single focused mind on the direction given by Mahaperiyava.

Mahaperiyava, I am sure blessed this departed great soul by giving place in His holy feet.

Our namaskaram to mama.


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  1. Om shanti. Unfortunate to happen at these times. Heard there were lot of difficulties for the great soul even after passing due to the current situation. May Periyavaa take care of the family and the patasala

  2. Namaskarangal to the great punya atma .

  3. Namaskaram. Feel saddened to hear Sri Venketra ganapadigal had left us. Pranams and pray for soul attain sayudjya status.

    Also a request: our family at Kumbakonam would use to join biksha during Vyasa Puja/chadurmasya time. Shall we send usual amount or have been instructed to remit more being carona period.

    Thanks to know


    • Sir, in place of Swargam, if I get Moksham, would I deny it? Pl. donate as much as possible sir. Dhanam does not have limitations and restrictions. It is all upto you. Good things must be done silently, especially, ‘Dhanam’.

      Maha Periva Adigale Potri! Jaya Jaya Shankara……. Hara Hara Shankara……..

  4. A very great loss. Rajagopala Ghanapatigal maama and now Venkatarama Ghanapatigal mama. Two major losses..

    • 🙏 Namaskarams, Venkatrama Ghanapatigal Mama was a living example for many in this yuga. He was a father, a mentor, a Guru, a friend to many of us irrespective of our age🙏. His physical presence was an inner strength for many of us youngsters and especially in our family, who have been associated with him and Vedabhavan for two generations. Iam sure his blessings and teachings will guide us in our lives.

  5. Narayana…. Narayana… Narayana….

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