Apithakuchamba Stava sung by Smt Gayathri Girish

Thanks to Gayathri for creating this wonderful audio/video on this great set of stotra composed by one of my favorite Mahans – Sri Appaya Dikshitar. Sri Dikshitar’s story and His devotion to Lord shiva is unparalleled. For the current pandemic situation we live now, it is very important that we chant this stavam and share with those who are suffering from this deadly virus.

It is so soothing to hear this stavam in Gayathri’s melodious voice!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Migavum Arupudham. Miga miga Nandri Kanneer , yengalukkum vimochanam kidaikka vazhi kanbithanai thaangal.

  2. Nice rendering

  3. Rama Rama 🙏

    Beautiful rendering n so nice to have the meaning side by side. Lyrics so beautiful and soothing ..

    Also reminded of Bhagavan Ramana’ prayer to Arunachaleswarar himself to cure his mother Alagamma’ fever. What a set of potent prayers to the Divine couple..

    Did not find any you tube version of Bhagavan’ prayer to arunachaleswarar. will add back if I find one 👌🏻

    Noted . Thanks a lot


  4. It is really divine. Let’s pray to Abeethakuchambal sametha Arunachaleshwara to bring back to normalcy to the universe. Let the Divine Mother shower her grace to all.

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