Akilandeswara sametha Agatheeswarar Temple Renovation – Sthalam for eye/skin problems

Thanks to Smt Mahalakshmi mami for sharing the details about this temple. When I looked at the photos, I was shocked to see how bad the situation is. That place is beyond repairs – completely run down. Quite sad how much we have neglected great temples like this. It is due to wonderful local sivanadiyars the Nitya puja (once) is happening despite this condition. I also got to hear about the sthala puranam and how Lord Muthukumara swamy blesses all devotees and treats several health problems – primarily skin and eye related. This temple is located in Adhanur, Tiruvaru Dist. It got the name adhanur as Surya begawan worships Swami for 3 days in Chitra month.

As Sri Pudhuperiyava always said that we should first make our best efforts to maintain and run the existing temples before attempting to build new ones. They have estimated Rs 50 Lakhs to complete phase 1 of this project. Please extend your best support to this project.

For all additional information, pease contact Smt Mahalakshmi mami at vcsmani@yahoo.com / +91 9940053289


Please click the following links to read the sthala puranam in English / Tamil also.

Agastheeswar Temple Appeal V4 Tamil

Agastheeswar Temple Appeal V4 English

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