A Rare Picture – Sri Sambamoorthy Sastrigal, Purvashrama Brother of Maha Periyava

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri J. Kannan for the share. Such a close resemblance, for a moment I thought it is Maha Periyava when I got the picture. Rama Rama

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  1. yes. Divya charitam books -2 volumes in tamil can be purchased in kanchi matam and camps also.


  3. What a resemblance! 👌

  4. I had the fortune of having his grace during the aradana days of Ilayathankudi swamigal a great man. He diarised the events relating to journey of Mahaswamigal and the author of the Jagadguiru divya charithram. He stayed at Kadiapatty ,also called as Ramachandrapuram. A great blessed person born after the illustrious Mahaswamigal,

  5. He wrote Jagadguru Divya charitram and was Manager of Ilayathangudi adishtanam

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