Sivan Sar digital painting by Sri TGV

I have shared my father-in-law’s (Sri TG Vaidhyanathan) many paintings in the past here. He took a long break and almost stopped drawing. My son somehow convinced him to get an iPad with the pen etc so that he can continue drawing. It worked. He picked up the digital brush and completed this wonderful drawing in 3 days.

Hope he continues digital drawing!

Sri Sivan SAR Padham Potri!


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12 replies

  1. Ram!Ram!!


  3. Beautiful and realistic. SAR anughraham

  4. Namo NamaH

  5. Great people do great things only. Pranam to TGV Garu.

  6. Beautiful! Very thathroopam!

  7. Beautifully done TGV Sir! I also stopped for almost two years, but now started with a W.C painting. MahaPeriava’s Anugrahams required to continue.
    சதாசிவ சமாரம்பாம்
    அஸ்மதாச்சார்ய பர்யந்தாம்
    வந்தே குருபரம்பராம்!

  8. Sri Sivan Sar paadham pottri pottri 🙏🙏🙇🙇

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