Anusham Thanil Udiththa

Thanks to Dinesh for the share. He and his team has collectively created this album. Great job by all…Very nicely put together even though it was recorded separately due to Covid. He shared it on the jayanthi day but I was too busy and couldn’t post on time. Here it is!


Following note from Dinesh:

Kindly use your headphones for better audio quality.

Dinesh Sureh (Vocal) from Phoenix, Radhakrishnan Ta Anna (Harmonium) from NY, Hareesh Parthasarathy Ji (Mridangam) from CA and Karthik K Rajaraman Ji (Dolki) from CA, friends from various part of the country joined in this virtual satsangam and with Periyava’s apaara krupai and kaarunyam, came up with this samarpanam.

All the tracks were recorded separately and then mixed to get this experience.

அனுஷத்தில் உதித்த அனுஷ நாயகனின் அருளாலே அவரின் பொற்பத சரணாரவிந்தங்களில் சமர்ப்பணம்!! 🙏🙏🙏

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  1. Great effort by these people. Very blessed folks.

    Periva Poorna Kataksham Praptirastu.

  2. Mahesh kindly resend me the posting about 16 th June Sowmya aswini.details by Sri Periyava. It got achieved by mistake.

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