Sri Veda Valli Patasala Support

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Got the below message from Shri B. Narayanan Mama. Please do whatever you can to support this Patasala. The details are there in the flyer below.

//Hari Om! Namaste Sai! This message from B.Narayanan mama. I am now staying in Allur near Trichy. This is a gated colony about half km from the main Allur agraharam. An Iyengar family is running a Vedha Patashala (all four Vedas are being taught.). 21 vidhyarthis all from North India are learning. It is residential. The details are given above. Donations are welcome. TDS exemption benefit for donors is awaited. Those who are not particular about this benefit can donate. If it is ok kindly share in the blog.//

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  1. Dear Sri Sai Srinivasan, Can you please let me know the emaid id of Sri P.Lakshnmi Narasimhan as I have to check few items with him? This is regarding donation for Veda valli pada sala. I already sent a SMS message in this regard but did not get a reply from him. Hence I want to email him. regards, VKVasudevan

    • Dear Sri Vasudevan!
      Please send your message through whatsapp or SMS to the following number:-
      +91 9025232994.
      Sri Srinivasan
      Founder/ Administrator.
      Your SMS was not received by Lakshmi Narasimhan. Hence the request.
      Rama Rama


  3. Deserves support.

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