Guru Bhajan by Sivasri Skandaprasad

Recently I saw a small video clip of her singing in Mylapore veedhi ula…I was pulled into her voice and the way how she presented herself. Vibuthi on her forehead, rudraksham on her neck and bakthi on her lips and coming from heart – a true model lady for younger generation!

Listen to both the video and enjoy!

Don’t miss both the videos! 2nd video is dedicated for Mahaperiyava for the 127th Jayanthi!


Here is the small bio someone posted in FB…

Mylapore veedi bhajan.. Wonderful Hare Krishna..
Thank you Anand Parameswaran ji.. Thanks for this share.. Bohut din ho gaye the achchi bhajan sunkar.
Found from internet about the singer:

Her Name is SIVASRI …

Father’s side …

Yesteryear Veteran Vocalist Sirkazhi Sri Jayaraman was grandfather.
Grandmother Smt Santhi Jayaraman too is a Musician. She was singing for Dances … She was with Dance Guru Udupi Sri Lakshminarayana for about 3 decades.

Sivasri father is J Skandaprasad, Mrudhangist.

SIVASRI’s mother side :

Sri Dhandapani, very close aide of Swami Haridhoss Giri, was her Grandfather.
Sri Dhandapani later became NAMAJI and succeeded Swami Haridhoss Giri.
Sivasri is a very good Dancer … Disciple of Guru Roja Kannan.
A passionate painter, taking up paid projects. Doing part-time modeling.
Bio-Engineering Graduate, worked on drug induced developmental or fetal defects.
Excellnent Bhajan Singer too.

Maargazhi Bhajanai, Mylapore..
Ahaa..what a singing.. Hare Krishna 🙏


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5 replies

  1. Great rendition


  3. Very nice, melodious voice

  4. Very nice rendition. wish her all the best.
    janakiraman Nagapattinam

  5. What to say? She is blessed with Saraswati. Her deep involvement in the song is evident that how great her devotional journey is.

    धीरगायसु भव तथा सदा सुखी भव

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