Bhagyanagaram (Hyderabad) Maha Anusham Invitation – June 5′ 20

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri Umesh for sharing this Maha Anusham invitation and link below.

Attached our Bhagyanagaram (Hyderabad) Maha Anusham invitation.

Due to the current global situation, Hyd devotees are celebrating Anusham at home for past 2 months. This month Maha Anusham is also decided to be celebrated at home. To assist devotees for pooja at home, our Vedha Pundits Shri Arun and Shri Karthick have recorded two videos in Telugu. They are also coming up with Tamil videos soon.
1. Kanchi Paramacharya Shodasopachara Pooja vidhanam
2. Paramacharya Sthrotranjali

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