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Sri Ravi Natarajan, AZ sent me this message and want to share with larger audiences on Sri Rama Nama Japam Yagna – 24×365 – non-stop – for the life! He has been doing this for a while. In addition to this, he has been running lots of groups and offering lots of free services to all…Thank you sir for doing this selfless service!

If you can join, please do – I have given the detailed instructions to get started….

Ram Ram!


You must be aware that I am having a Rama Nama chanting group, with the main aim of non stop and continuous chanting of Rama Nama 24x 365.
We started last October and we have more than 240 members in this group chanting Rama Nama in-line using a mobile app. Each person chants for 30 minutes daily in groups of 5 members at a fixed preselected time daily.
We have filled in almost all the slots. We do have a few vacant slots between 11 pm and 4 AM IST, which will be suitable mainly for people in the US / Canada etc., and preferably retired persons or home makers or people who work from home.
I will be thankful if you can spread this amongst your contacts in the US/ Canada. I will also send you a brief introductory write up.
Thank you



The Main aims of our Program are: 

1. To chant Rama Nama Tharaka Manthra continuously and non – stop 24 hours X 365 days a year. 

2. To enroll as many children as possible to inculcate the habit of chanting from a very young age. 

3. To afford a chance to as many people as possible to chant Rama Nama Tharaka Manthra. 

The communication among the members in this group is using Telegram messenger app, which is a social media similar to Whatsapp, but more secure and user friendly. YOU MUST INSTALL TELEGRAM MESSENGER in your mobile and then give us the following information: 

A). Your full name ( First and Last) B). Mobile Number C). E Mail ID and D). city of residence. 

We can provide you with the procedure for downloading and installing “Telegram Messenger” from the play store ( 3 minutes) and creating a unique username in Telegram. ( 1 Minute) 

We have two different programs for chanting, The online group and the Offline Group. 

Online Group: Once you download and install Telegram Messenger from the play store in your mobile, and create a unique username in Telegram, we will add you in our Main Group: RAMA NAMA THARKAM. This group is intended only for registration of all members and important communications from the admins 

We will then agree on a 30 minutes time slot with you, for you to chant daily at the same time. 

We have divided each day int 24 hourly sub-groups. We will add you in the relevant sub-group. All your communications will only be posted in this sub-group. There will be 5 members in each sub-group chanting the Tharaka Manthra in turns during the 30 minutes. 

We will provide you with the following: 

1. A pdf file giving the rules and regulations of our Group 

2. A Pdf file detailing the procedure to download and install “vidyoconnect” app ( 2 minutes) 

3. A Pdf file providing with the link for our chant room. ( 1 minute to complete) 

After you do a successful trial run of learning how to enter and exit the Chant room, you can start chanting, by posting in the sub-group your proposed date of starting chanting. 

Offline Group: We will add you in our Telegram group “ Rama Nama Offline Chanting” You will chant for a minimum of 15 minutes at any time during each 24 hours ( no fixed slot) and without using the mobile app. You have to post a message everyday in the offline group after completing chanting saying “ I chanted from … to…. “ giving the time chanted. 

If you are interested to join either of the groups, Please contact us with your details. 

Ravi Natarajan – Mob/WhatsApp: +1 4803957421 / Telegram Username: @jnravi / E Mail: jnravi@gmail.com

Deepa Karthik  – Mob/WhatsApp: + 65-81800348 /  Telegram username: @deepakarthik77 /  E Mail: deepakarthik77@gmail.com  


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  1. Rama Rama Namaste,

    Thank you for this post.

    Happy to have signed up for this. Once I called the organizers had a wonderful support and was signed in.

    Well organized setup and so happy to be part. Most importantly helps in ensuring Rama Nama is not missed even for a day and is done at the same time everyday.

    HIS Grace. AMBA Saranam


  2. Ram! Ram!

    Thanks a lot Mahesh.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara!

  3. Namaskaram Anna. This is the mentioned deepa karthik.inwould be humbled if u spread word in your country and help involve more people in this online chanting program. We want the nama japam to be spread and people be benefitted by this.. looking forward to see more people join us.

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