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Can I request any of our readers to compile the following dates for all three acharyas in both English and Tamil? We just need the English date and Tamil month and thithi / nakshatram as applicable. I feel that at times we are not able to remember all the dates and realize from some social media posting that we either missed that date or that date is today and we did not do any puja etc. I thought having these dates showing up on the sidebar in the main page will help us all to refer quickly.

  1. Janana Dhinam (English & Tamil)
  2. Sanyasa Sweekaranam (English & Tamil)
  3. Peetarohanam (English & Tamil)
  4. Mukthi dinam (English & Tamil)

Any other dates to track?

Please post your comments and I will compile them.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Mukthi dhinam is only for two Acharyas.Please correct

  2. Thank you, Shri. Muthukrishnan. A small correction. please. Kanchi Periyava Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal Place of Birth is Thandalam, near Periyapalayam, in Tiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu

  3. Do you need a record the dates on which these stars occur every month? For example Anusham every month. I can make a table and for one year in advance and post in the group and also send a reminder say 2 days in advance before each of these dates. My email ID is

  4. Sorry, correcting..

    Maha Periyava’s Sanyasa Sweekaranam is Feb 13, 1907

    All dates are “English”

  5. Anusham Mahaperiyava
    Pudhu Periyava and Periyava nakshatram? Please

  6. Hari Om Mahesh,

    Information that I could gather so far…

    Maha Periyava
    Janana Sthalam: Eechangudi
    Janana Dhinam: May 20, 1894
    Sanyasa Sweekaranam: May 9, 1907
    Peeta Rohanam:
    Mukthi Sthalam: Kanchipuram
    Mukthi Dhinam: Jan 8, 1994
    Thithi: Dhanur, Krishna Dwadasi

    Pudhu Periyava
    Janana Sthalam: Irulneeki
    Janana Dhinam: July 18, 1935
    Sanyasa Sweekaranam: Mar 22, 1954
    Peeta Rohanam:
    Mukthi Sthalam: Kanchipuram
    Mukthi Dhinam: Feb 28, 2018
    Thithi: Magha, Shukla Trayodasi

    Bala Periyava
    Janana Sthalam: Periyapalayam
    Janana Dhinam: Mar 13, 1969
    Sanyasa Sweekaranam: May 29, 1983
    Peeta Rohanam:

    • Thank you Sivakumar for the details., Can you please also give Tamil month for the jayanthi sanyasa sweekaranam & peetarohanam days?

      it would be great if someone could fill-in peetarohana details for all of them.

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