Six Cows Rescued during Lockdown…

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – While the whole world is facing a lot of challenges Cows are facing their own as well. As many of you may be aware, red meat prices have gone up and are in great demand. In my area, the cows are walked down to abattoirs since many roads are blocked and transport is restricted except for essential services. I adopted the same strategy when a few cows that were about to be sold were walked down a few kms to the Gosala (the cows were in Thiruvallur) and they are doing well now in the Gosala.

Yesterday managed to save another pure native breed cow and calf (Kankrej) near my place to the Gosala. The good news is that cows could be transported despite the lock down which is a good thing. The cow is suffering from mastitis (udder swelling/infection) and blood is pouring out of her udder when the owner decided she and her son are of no use to him anymore. She was wincing in severe pain when I resuced her. By Periyava Anugraham rescued those cows and treatment is underway for her well being.

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Smt. Avantika Vardhan, Smt. Pabbathi Vandana, Smt. Bhanu Hedge, Smt. Usha Venkatraman, Shri SV Krishnan, Shri Aravind Melattur, Shri Ramaswamy Parankusam, Shri Natarajan Sridharan for their kind contributions in helping with this rescue and medical treatment. Rama Rama

Contributions Info: Please mention ‘Cow Rescue’ in the subject line and send a note with your name, amount to for tracking purposes.

For donations in India, here are the details:

Name: Dharma Sanjeevinee Bhavanam
SBI Savings A/c. No. 32626335713 & IFSC Code – SBIN0002233, State Bank of India, CPCL Branch, Manali, Chennai-600 068

For contribution in US – you can make electronic payment to from your bank via
Zelle or QuickPay etc. This is the MOST convenient method for all.  (or) PayPal

See how skinny the majestic Kankrej cow is looking due to lack of care and feed.

Mother Cow Wincing in Pain   

Blood collected from the udder due to swelling and infection

Other Cows that were rescued. See how skinny they are as well.


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  1. Glad to note that you are saving the cows&colf during this Lock down
    I am sure that Our Mahaperiyava bless you all

  2. Rama Rama
    Mahaperiyava Thunai

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