Lalitha Sahasranama Yagna for Loka Kshemam – Update


Back in Oct 2019, I posted about this yagna ordained by Ambal Herself and executed by devotee in AZ, USA with the help of Sri Suresh Sthanikar, Kamakshi Temple. Please read the article here to know how it all started. The goal was to do 10 Lakhs parayanam which would be equal to 100 crores namas (10lakhs x 1000). When I talked to Subbu bak then I told him that the target is so huge and was worried how long this would take. Subbu has unshaken faith on ambal and was confident that she would lead the way. He requested me to post this in our blog here. Looks like at least 1000+ readers have joined the parayanam in a committed way from our blog itself. Last night he called me to update the status of where we are now.

To all my surprises, they have already achieved 78.5 crores names (target of 100 crores) in just over 6 months! They are going to do 121 crores to compensate for any mistakes, wrong counts etc. Eventually there would be a big homam conducted for this yagna in Kanchipuram once the COVID-19 situation gets better. They are awaiting for Sri Periyava’s anugraham for this homam.

My sincere thanks to all those readers who have joined this yagna. I suggest others who have missed the earlier opportunity to at least join now and do it till the end.

Please visit to know more on guidelines etc.

Hats off to Sri Subbu to lead a Maha yagna like this!

Aum Shri Matrey Namaha!

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