Sankara Jayanthi Puja Material

Thanks to Hari Ramasubbu for sharing this link for puja documents.

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Of all the Hindu festivals, Sankara Jayanthi is the most important of all for us. Without adi acharya, there is no Rama, Krishna, Navarathri known to us. Without Him, there is no Sankara matams and no Mahaperiyava or anyone. Take twice the time and effort you would normally do to celebrate any other festival and do this with full sincerity. One Janma is not enough to talk about Adi Sankara’s works. From our part let us set aside few hours to do this puja in detail.

This link has document in Sanskrit, Tamil, English etc.

The below link is for a book on Sankara Jayanthi and Tulasi Puja Vidhi


Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Mahesh, if you deem it OK, please do share Bharani Anna’s video here: – it will be nice if people can participate and listen to the upanyasams, and also contribute their mite for the Vaidikas affected during COVID-19.


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