Nithya Agnihotris from all over India compiled by Sriram

As you all are aware, Sri Sriram has been doing a Himalayan task of collecting the details of each and every agnihotris in India and meet them in-person and pay respect to them by offering a simple veshti, saree and some dakshinai for each. This is not a small activity to travel around the country and do this. It is all Sri Kailasanathar’s and Periyava’s anugrahams that keeps motivating him to do this. In fact he took short interviews of these great people and shared in FB –  not all but with many. However, due to my bandwidth I could not post all – I post one or two in the past. Now, he has compiled a small file of ALL agnihotris and their photos. Take a minute to see them and offer your namaskaram virtually. Thanks to my local friend who shared this with me.

Looks like Tenali/Vijayawada area has most number – I could be wrong. When you go through this document, don’t just keep skipping pages quickly – take a minute to see through the photo of their living condition and their simplicity and the calmness in their faces, a sense of contentment. I have interacted with few agnihotris and I know to some extent how hard their life is – meaning, how much committed one should be to take that path. These people have dedicated their life to this and we are least qualified to even appreciate any of these. We are still busy with our loukeeka worries of when restaurants and malls would be reopened etc!

It is a perfect timing to see their photos amidst this deadly situation that prevails in the world now. We seek their blessings to save from this disaster.

The very first photo speaks for itself – it is our Kanchi Matam who has been taking care of honoring these agnihotris since Mahaperiyava days.

Hats off to you Sriram for your relentless service. Sitting on the couch and writing like me is easier than getting on the ground and actually doing things. You are setting a great example for others.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

Click here to download- Nitya agnihotris – India

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  1. Namo namaha Mahesh garu! I believe the details are of only nithyagnihotris who are alive! Is it possible to get the details of nithyagnihotris who attained siddhi!

  2. Namo Namaha Mahesh Garu! I am from Telangana,Can you please help with the contact numbers of Nithyagnihotris so that i can learn agnihotram from them

  3. Namo Namaha Mahesh Garu! I am from Telangana district,Can you please help with the contact numbers of Nithyagnihotris so that i can learn agnihotram from them

  4. Wonderful job with the blessing of Maya periyava. Can you provide contact details pls. We are doing it for past many years. Really very powerful when the Agni rays enter our body.

  5. Great work done by Sriram. This is a good resource of information. Thanks to Sriram for this pains taking effort. Not a easy task.

  6. Maheshji….Pl accept our pranams….. great is your endeavour in bringing out the satkaryam of Shriramji to the Agnihotris in the eyes of the fraternity loyal to Mahaperiyava….

  7. Namaskarams to Sriramji….It is divine calling that u have undertaken this work…feel so blessed to know about the Agnihotris…..I offer my manaseeka Namaskarams to the Agnihotris, due to whose anushtanams, the world is thriving and saving the people.. really feel overwhelmed. God bless you and your family members

  8. Dear Maheshji, Can you please let us know the contact details of Mr. Sriram, in case we plan to go and meet some of these agnihotris to pay our namaskarams.

  9. Mahaperiyavaa Sharanam

    Pradosha Periyavaa Sharanam

    Thank you Sri. Maheshji for posting this content on your blog

    Thank you all for your blessings and good wishes.

    Veda Rakshanam is always Periyavaa’s Kariyam and He knows how to get it best and from whom…

    We are all just tools in this and act according to HIS directions.

    The file uploaded is only the first draft and few more changes are on the way. I shall forward the updated files as and when it is ready and shall forward to Shri.Majeshji. On receipt requesting Maheshji to upload the new file.

    Also requesting all those who have downloaded and shared this file, please share the new and updated file everytime you receive it.

    In Veda Service
    Jai Hind
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  10. Great work indeed & well deserved recognition !
    Would it be possible to share more about the life of Nitya Agnihothris in general like how does a typical day look like, what is expected of their role as Nitya Agnihothris ?


    • Priya garu

      Besides the three times Sandyavandanam and Panchayatana Pooja in the morning, they have to do agnihotram, a brief homa, at early morning and also in the evening each and every day. They take care to maintain the fire and have dedicated space for it in their homes. They also do special homam on Poornima and Amavasya! They don’t eat outside even at other Brahmin households. They eat food made by only their Dharma Patni. Some of them go on special yagas like Soma Yagam, Vajapeyam, Poundareekak etc.
      Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara!

  11. I did not know that scribd link was not working for few – it works for me. Regardless, I have given the link to download this document.

  12. The document has been removed from scribd. Can’t view it,

  13. Namaskarams. How to view the document ? Please help me. As I am an aged person, it is difficult. Please help to download the same and view the document fully. Thanking you. Sri Mahaperiyava Padham Sharanam.

  14. Namaste. Excellent work. Sri D. Chandrasekara Somayaji garu in Secunderabad is not included. Somayaji garu is also a Nityagnihotri

    • I didn’t scroll all the way down. Sri D. Chandrasekhara Somayajulu is listed in Telangana. Thank you. Great work compiling. Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara!

      • Namo namaha shiva garu! Do you have contact no of Brahmasri Dendukuri Chandrasekhar somayajulu garu Or residential address

  15. Thank you sir for the great work in putting together the agnihotris. Wanted to save the file as a soft copy but not able to do it. Can you please email me the file to

    Highly appreciate your help.

    Jan Pyda

  16. Excellent. Great work done by Mr. Sriram in identifying them and meeting them and posting it for the benefit of all of us. No amount of thanks is enough for him. Going through the list,find most of them are from Tenali, Viayawada. Tamil nadu is also not far behind. We offer our Namaskarams to them and pray for the welfare of our people and also for the whole world in this time of lockdown .

  17. Tremendous and laborious work done by Sri Sriram Garu. Hats off! Any amount of appreciation is less for your service.

    May Maha Periva keep you cool and plenty of health and wealth.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara….. Hara Hara Shankara…..

  18. they are the precious gems of continuing Hindu tradition and inspiration for next generation. Pray god atleast in my next birth I born into such pious family and devote my life fully to shastras.

  19. Excellent work Sriram. My Naskarams to you. You are a blessed soul to have met so many of them.

  20. would like to congratulate sri .Sriram for this Himalayan task
    .My Humble Namaskarams to all the Nitya agnihotris.

  21. Excellent work Sriram. You are a blessed soul to met so many of them. Thank You

  22. I surrendered my manaseeka namaskarams to both the agnihothris and their dharmapathnis. The life of a dharmapathni of a agnihothri is equally -if not more-contributing to the Dharmaraksha.I viewed them as Parvathi Parameshwara and Mahalakshmi samedha Mahavishnu. A good day for me. Thanks.

  23. Can not find the document pls reattach

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